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User Info: Koreupt

7 years ago#1
Can someone please explain to me what someone is talking about when they call a player a tryhard?

It doesn't really make sense to me to make fun of someone who tries their best to win seeing how winning is the point of the game. unless its something completely different.
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User Info: Ryusacerdos

7 years ago#2
It can be both an insult or a compliment.

A tryhard is basically the opposite of a scrub. They're playing good characters and trying their best to win.

User Info: MSN 04 Sazabi

MSN 04 Sazabi
7 years ago#3
it's a somewhat pointless term in this game since you do get rewarded for winning a game

once ranked play comes "tryhard" will carry more weight though

running a heal/kite team comp and constantly having the map warded for example would constitute being a tryhard
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User Info: NinjaKangaroo

7 years ago#4
I see it as an insult to elitists who stack everything to win and rage when they don't....

I have never used the term though, since in itself I see no problem with trying to win. Just the delicious RAGE!!
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User Info: Silver_leaves

7 years ago#5
the only way tryhard can be an insult if it's in a game where there is no victory condition

something like grinding mmos when there is really no point to be good other than to show off that you're good - the people who make spreadsheets for drops and whatever, call them tryhard and they can't really say so much

in lol it's not so much of an insult since you can actually win at the game and get rewarded
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User Info: TheYoungin

7 years ago#6
tryhard to me usually constitutes someone who sacrifices their own personal enjoyment of a game solely to see the "you win" screen.

Yes, the point of the game is to win, but lets be honest here:

Usually when i play Shen or Shaco my team will win. I enjoy winning immensely, thus it would make sense if i only played these two champions, and to be perfectly fair i do play them the majority of the time.

However, they get boring after a while, and i want to play someone new. I know that im better at other champions, but for my own personal enjoyment, im going to try something different this time.

Tryhards are also typically min/maxers, meaning they want to get every little speck of a stat they can out of something: "Item X will give me .00001 more dps than Item Y!? IM GOING WITH ITEM X"
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User Info: Blubyyou

7 years ago#7
"tryhard" is an insult used by losers who really have no other way of insulting other than admitting you are better at them, but the only (implied) reason why this is so is because they themselves aren't putting in any effort.

User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#8
'This would be my cue to say something snarky, wouldn't it? I'll have to remember that. For the next time you make an idiot of yourself...'

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