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User Info: SyxxPakk6

7 years ago#1
I purchased Nidalee cause I really like her versatility and no one really seems to use her. Issue I'm having is I completely suck with her. I usually use Amumu or Sokara and do great but with Nidalee I always come out like 4 / 8 / 3 or something like that.

I've tried both AD and AP build guides I've found online and just can't get the hang of it. I know one thing I need to do is use her trap more often to boost my DPS on tanks but can anyone give me any tips?

I seem to do better with AP Nidalee cause my spear dmg is huge and my heals are better.
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User Info: arik87

7 years ago#2
Throw your spear. Do it again. Do it again. Are they not dead yet? Are they low enough? If they are low enough, go in for direct attacks, if you fail and he overpowers you, consider going into cheetah form and jumping away like a pansy.
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User Info: SyxxPakk6

7 years ago#3
Problem I have is with people stacking HP I don't seem to output enough DPS. So should I be using spear mainly and then cougar for minion farming and catching runners only?
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User Info: Teldil

7 years ago#4
You should be using couger AT ALL TIMES except when you need to heal or hit someone from long range.

and go with an AP build.

User Info: Hyper Inferno

Hyper Inferno
7 years ago#5
Always place a trap if you can, helps for map awareness. Nidalee can't do much in a team fight, but once its dieing down, she can easily snipe the survivors with a Javelin or pounce after people who run.
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User Info: DarkdaysEMo

7 years ago#6
Early on, go for Doran's ring + Mana pot, and max Heal first. This lets you support anyone in your lane, as well as make yourself unharassable, AND allowing you to be very aggressive with a spammable heal. Get a level of every skill by 5 so you can use all 3 in cougar form.

Trap as much as possible, heal/buff yourself before entering a fight, the spear is overrated but still useful in certain situations.

Sheen as first item, after that depends on you, but I get trinity then blood thirster for damage.

Trap the brushes in lane, and common escape points in ganks. Trap dragon mid game and baron late game.

If you're not doing well, jungle with cougar form and heal.
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User Info: necroix05

7 years ago#7
Heal is your best skill, level it first and foremost.
Skill build:

To lane: Buy Doran's Ring, Hit E, click self, right click creeps, repeat
To kill: Hit R, hit Q, then W, then E, then right click the enemy, and if they aren't dead, repeat from step 2.
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