tired of people fighting over mid

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User Info: Eradicator_Z

7 years ago#1
seriously, had 3 games in a row where someone rage'quit over this. Its no big deal relax go lane with someone and play the game.

User Info: derpface

7 years ago#2
It's understandable to be picky about it, since 80% of the time your mid is suppose to be your carry or anti carry so they need to be stronger than everyone else. Although rage quitting isn't helping none.

It's like when I play pubs and someone picks ashe. I'm going to question them the entire time we're waiting in the lobby, because pub ashe players more than often suck and ruin my games. (If you health regen as ashe your wrong)

User Info: Interfusor

7 years ago#3
Wth Karthus as my main champ, I always go mid. if someone else wants to I don't mind moving but keep in mind, if I get to level 6 quickly I can help you more.

Not to mention, Lay Waste is one of the nastiest harrass spells in the game.
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User Info: Hulkkis

7 years ago#4
Karthus should ALWAYS go mid. top prio imo.
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  3. tired of people fighting over mid

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