Kill stealing

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User Info: Meta_Bit

7 years ago#1
Doubt many people have played as Kog'Maw yet, but I'm getting complaints about kill stealing now when I never did before on any other hero.

Kog'maw excels at catching runners, and I have the mentality kill as quick as possible and help each other. I tend to leave people only who complain. Usually, they die anyway or let them get away.

What's a good way to handle this situation? Is gold divided according to damage done or lump sum to last hit?

User Info: kpearwut

7 years ago#2
well try not to ks from a carry. otherwise, who cares? i had a noob talric telling me i was ksing from him with jax. QQ moar.

User Info: DarkdaysEMo

7 years ago#3
Doesn't really matter since the gold is split amongst the assisters as well and assisters who dealt the majority of the damage would get more gold.
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User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#4
If you're getting the kills with Kog'Maw, then that's a good thing. KSing isn't that big of a deal in that case. You just better carry or do damage in the next team fight. If the tank gets the kill, then that's a KS for sure. Tanks can't carry. Granted, if the tank was the only one to get that kill, then it's fine.

In general, if someone brought down the enemy to 10% and he's going to get the kill, do not help. If he's not going to get the kill then go for it. If it's in a team fight, there's no hoping it.

Also, gold is distributed like this. The killer gains the 300g (more or less depending if the victim is on a dying/killing spree). Everyone that assisted get around 50 to 100g. The person that does more of the damage gets more gold for the assist.
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User Info: Meta_Bit

7 years ago#5
In general, if someone brought down the enemy to 10% and he's going to get the kill, do not help. If he's not going to get the kill then go for it. If it's in a team fight, there's no hoping it.

That's my problem. Sometimes letting them try to get a kill ends up with them getting away or me chasing with him and run into bunch of enemies and getting killed myself.

User Info: Tulki

7 years ago#6
If you can drag down an enemy champ, why the heck would you hold back?
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User Info: docmarth

7 years ago#7
i've been burned once too many times by people getting away with slivers of health.

beat em' to a pulp, disregard your teammates calling 'ks'

User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#8
I had a level 30 Emerald Taric telling me not to lasthit his "mobs" as Yi (his mobs being the ones he autoattacked from full health to death).

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User Info: Freak_Show

7 years ago#9
the only time i hate KSing is when someone leaves their lane just to ult something that was going to die anyways and the lane they left gets pushed.
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User Info: M_Parenteau

7 years ago#10
You should try to kill your enemies at all costs. No one should care if you went over the top and killed someone a carry could have killed. For all you know, things could have been very different.

-another baddie could have shown up
-your enemy might have had a trump card in the form of Active items that could have caused a lot of harm
-the time you saved by killing someone faster could result in a gank somewhere in the future. Or it could help you get to your base faster to defend.

Many things could have happened that would have made your life harder, and that can be prevented with the faster death of your enemy.

A kill is a kill, and the bottomline is: there is one less enemy to worry about in the immediate future. Who cares who got the kill and who got the assist?

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