Is Akali playable ?

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User Info: Teldil

7 years ago#1
When I first started playing, (about 2 weeks ago) I really wanted to main Akali, she seemed awesome.

BUT I found out I suck with her, even though I'm doing pretty well with some other champions.
Then I kept reading most people saying she sucks \ underpowered.

Is she truely unplayable? I know some people can probably do good with her if they are really good players, but for a kinda noobish player, is choosing her a big disadvantage or do I just suck with her specifically ?

I read lots of Akali guides etc....and I really wanna play her, but I feel like when I do I totaly suck.
Is it me or her ?


User Info: necroix05

7 years ago#2
She's a champion that depends entirely on doing very well early game. If you can get FB, you're set, but if you don't get every single last hit/a kill, good luck trying to come back.
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User Info: chaoslordisgood

7 years ago#3
rylais is necessary for akali

if you dont get it you are practically griefing
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User Info: Aero_15

7 years ago#4
I like Akali, her burst damage is pretty good, but overall, I'd say she's a bit underpowered. She only has one skill that damages more than one enemy champion, while her other skills aren't that powerful. She has two escape skills, but one, Shadow Dance, is completely situational, as it only targets enemies, and the other Twilight Shroud, requires you to have a good idea of how to juke opponents, which may be hard for new players.

Overall, she's a fun champion to play as, and her AP build seems like the way to go. Items like Rylai's Scepter and Mejai's Soulstealer greatly increase her burst. If you can get some stacks on Mejai's, you'll get rid of their squishies in no time.
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User Info: MangaLustpwns

7 years ago#5
You have to go hybrid build with her, because the added AP will insure good burst while the AD will give her sustained damage.

Max out mark of the assassin and shadow shroud, and NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER, get crescent slash. The move is totally worthless and I can't fathom why anyone gets it.

The key to Akali early game is to farm with MotA until level 6, and using SS to hide yourself if it gets a little intense. Once you have Shadow Dance you can start racking up kills, remember you can spam Shadow Dance because the cooldown is very small(usually wait until you have three stacks because it makes chasing very easy if you do). What you want to do is pick on squishies at level 6, so you dash up to them, burst them down with MotA, SS to prevent them from counter attacking you(in case of stunners). And when they try to run away you still have another 1 or 2 SD up your sleeve and MotA should be off of CD for another huge bit of burst damage.

That's how you should go about playing her, at least the games I've played with her I've gotten a decent amount of kills playing this way. But it all comes down to playing smart and choosing your fights, really. Hope that helps.
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User Info: NinjaKangaroo

7 years ago#6
Cresent slash does pretty good damage for a 360 aoe

Adds to her burst. You're taking out like a 4th of her big burst damage without it.
XBL GT: NinjaKangarooo ( )

User Info: SorrySleeping

7 years ago#7

From: MangaLustpwns | #005
Max out mark of the assassin and shadow shroud, and NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER, get crescent slash. The move is totally worthless and I can't fathom why anyone gets it..

It is a little something called farming. In a normal 6 v 6 minion wave, you should be able to hit all the minions with it.
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User Info: MangaLustpwns

7 years ago#8
Why would you even get it when
A. Shroud is her best defensive weapon which now gives you magic resistance.
B. MotA does far superior damage as far as burst and gets you just as many creep kills by spamming it.(plus unless you're laning against an absolute idiot how are you going to use crescent slash to farm creeps? it'll do about half there health if you put points into it and then you actually have to last hit all the creeps. If you're laning against a range are they really going to let you do that?)
It's simply easier to hit with MotA at range kill the creep and step back, you're putting yourself at a disadvantage by trying to farm with crescent slash.
C. You should be doing some good hurrassing with your ulti and MotA, and shrouding when you dash up to them for added defense and disorienting.

So I ask you, why is crescent slash better than shroud? The amount of energy you need to pull off shroud, slash, mota, and your ulti isn't enough, especially at lower levels, which is why crescent slash is terrible. It just isn't efficient when shadow shroud has tons more uses and gives you armor+magic res when you attack close range. It's just better.
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User Info: NinjaKangaroo

7 years ago#9
One level of shroud is all you should ever need for a few reasons.

It should only be used in open fighting to stop a focus on her, or to escape. The survivability it gives her isn't bad, but it does seem to come at an expense. She tends to not want to auto attack unless she gets several commands. Yes, she can do burst and go back to hidden, but that's more for laning phase, so aoe shouldn't be killing her. Cresent slash increases the burst from this.

More than one point at start is wasteful to her damage.

Also, Cresent slash scales very well with AD focused builds. Being a mixed AP/AD build usually means she has a lot of flexibility in builds. Frozen Mallet is just as good an item on her as Rylai's, and gives her a better early game item in Phage. It depends on team comp how you're building her usually.

Skilling normally goes R>Q>E>W with 1 rank of W at 2.
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User Info: NinjaKangaroo

7 years ago#10
To answer the original question in my own opinion, Akali is playable. Not top tier in SR, possibly low-mid tier, but playable.

She does good burst to 1 target, chases well, and can jump pretty long distances. Her niche in a teamfight seems to be to jump to a squishy trying to sit back at range and pound them. She's quite good at putting pressure on champs that have that range mindset.

She is squishy herself though, and doesn't last long when focused. Her 1-5 isn't necessarily weak, but it isn't the best either. At 6 she can get a good gank or two in. Her ult has an amazing range and can go through walls, but must be targeted to an enemy.
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