Tristan build?

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User Info: Kuronoa

7 years ago#1
I typically main Annie and use other mages as my alts, but I decided to give Tristana a try. How to play as her isn't a concern more so than her build is. What items should I get for Tristana? Is there a "base build/must have gear" that I should be aware of, or is it all situational in regards to enemy team? What should I focus on stat-wise?
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User Info: Blazin_Twilight

7 years ago#2
1) Rush an Infinity Edge and grab an Armour Penetration item (Last Whisper or Cleaver; most likely LW for the attack speed) at relatively the same time.
2) Don't you DARE stack attack speed beyond 1.5 aps; your Q skill is enough to reach the limit.
3) Don't grab any mana regen - you should not be running out unless you blindly spam every which way.
4) Runes - ArPen. Past that, general runes help (Dodge, CDR, HP Quints).
5) ???
6) PROFIT!!!
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User Info: Xantose161

7 years ago#3
trist is by far my favorite ranged dps. My build is usually:

1.) doran's blade + pot
2.) get lvl 1 boots
3.) here most people rush infinity. I usually like to get the 450g lifesteal first then go infinite just for healing up when damaged since doran's blade doesnt heal you much.
4.) Finish boots to pretty much whatever will help you most in your situation. (i usually go either serker, merc, or swiftness)
5.) Last Whisper (ive noticed most games end around here and you should be doing some really nice damage too)
6.) Bloodthirster
7.) Madreds
8.) Blackcleaver/Phantom
9.) Sell boots and get whatever you dont get in 8 (if you somehow manage to get to this point you should be like 1 shotting squishies just be carfeful of the thornmail!)

For runes you have no need for attackspeed so the best is going armpen, crit damage, crit chance.

User Info: l1l

7 years ago#4
Dorans Blade
go mid
First blood
Dorans Blade
Go gank
Doran Blade
That should be 3 in 3 minutes.
sword of the occult
frozen mallet
sell 1 blade - black cleaver
sell the rest, bloodthirster
infinity edge

User Info: alvinxie

7 years ago#5
Dorans blade is bad
you'll have no damage for 40mins

User Info: l1l

7 years ago#6
thats why you sell them and get better damage items with the money you get with early kills

User Info: CBrate

7 years ago#7
Multiple Doran's Blade is cheap and seriously worth it for extra hp in the early stages. After you sell it back you've only lost 200 gold.
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User Info: ChapKid

7 years ago#8
^ That amount doesn't even matter if you farm right with your E spell.

User Info: VeeVees

7 years ago#9

From: l1l | #004
Dorans Blade
go mid
First blood
Dorans Blade
Go gank
Doran Blade
That should be 3 in 3 minutes.
sword of the occult
frozen mallet
sell 1 blade - black cleaver
sell the rest, bloodthirster
infinity edge

go mid is about where your strat hits a brick wall
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User Info: Timrod

7 years ago#10
You're going to want to start out with Doran's Blade and a Health Potion. Don't ever do what some bad players do and get a Vampiric Scepter to start - that is literally the worst possible course of action, especially if you can't be constantly attacking minions.

NEVER, EVER, EVER buy a Frozen Mallet or any of the components for a Frozen Mallet. EVER. FM is literally THE worst item on Tristana. You should not be chasing for any reason. If you feel you MUST get one, make it your last item.

Your second item depends on what kind of farm you're getting. If you're virtually uninterrupted (ie; opponent is terrible/opponent picked Sivir or Teemo), get a Tiamat and some Boots. While most people think Tiamat is a terrible item, on Trist early-game (before the 7 minute mark or so, if you can pull that off), it's AMAZING for farming and making the most out of the lane stage. From Tiamat, you're going to want a Black Cleaver, and then Stark's Fervor, provided no one else has it. If you've got excellent farm, you can have the Cleaver in under 15 minutes after buying Tiamat. I usually equip Teleport as a Summoner Spell just for this purpose.

If you're getting bad farm (against a tank, a heavy nuker, fed Master Yi, etc) you're going to want to rush straight for an Infinity Edge or Black Cleaver (plus boots). The Edge or Cleaver is going to make a huge difference in teamfights. From there, go to Stark's, or a Last Whisper if someone else with better farm got Stark's.

My build for six items (I usually don't make it there because my team wins/the other team surrenders first) is as follows:

Black Cleaver
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Last Whisper (for the armor pen)
Stark's (for the attackspeed) or The Bloodthirster (if someone else has Stark's)
Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi (depending on if you're facing lots of CC or mostly autoattack superstars)
Madred's Bloodrazor (the 4% health in damage per hit is DEVASTATING against tanks)

You don't need any HP increasers (Frozen Mallet) because you should not be taking damage - if you are, that's what Rocketjump is for.
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