Mundo tips?

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User Info: iddZk33p

7 years ago#1
Sup guise I've been playing Mundo more frequently and I'd like to say I've gotten decent but I'm sure there's much more for me to learn. So if anyone could give me some pointers to my build and playstyle, that would be awesome.

Doran's Shield+Pot
Spirit Visage
Ninja Tabi
Frozen Mallet
Atma's Impaler/Zeal

I like Doran's for the survivability and pot for extra cleavers. Most guides say spirit visage (could someone say why?). I like it because it's cheap and gives come cdr. Ninja tabi for some armor, frozen mallet for some hp and a bit of attack. I used to run zeal/phantom dancer but I've been trying Atma's lately and it's making mundo pretty sturdy and hit pretty hard as well. If I were to have a luxury item, it'd probably be a bf sword but that hasn't happened yet.

How I play him is harrass early game and using cleavers/maso for last hit. Mid game and on I try to focus on their squishy whenever I can but I seem to be getting focused whenever team fights break out. Is that because people panic when they see burning agony? >_< Anyway after team fights I just use cleavers to prevent people from getting close while we run away or preventing people from running away if we win.

Any advice is appreciated, gracias :D.

User Info: Spartan037

7 years ago#2
When I played mundo when he was free a few weeks ago, I liked having force of nature on him. I don't know if anyone that really plays mundo as a main uses it much, but I thought it was good :3

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#3
Consider getting a Stark's Fervor in your build. You kind of answered the reason why people get Spirit Visage on Mundo already. You don't need Frozen Mallet on Mundo. Consider building more damage items like Infinity Edge or Bloodthirsters.
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User Info: Twinrova225

7 years ago#4
Spirit Visage is good because it increases the regen from his ultimate by quite a bit, and it helps mitigate the anti-healing from ignite and other anti-healing spells.
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User Info: Rawrbomb

7 years ago#5
Spirit Visage is taken because the passive healing increase benefits your ultimate.

At low ELO you can get away building tanky. Warmogs and whatnot. If you try this against good opponents they'll just ignore you and eat your teammates while you sit around not doing damage. Mundo needs to build damage against teams that know what they're doing.

Frozen Mallet is a great item, but not a good starting point for Mundo. He already has a slow from his cleavers, so it's basically just more health and little damage. It's a solid mid/late game option though.

User Info: Clergybones

7 years ago#6
I like frozen mallet for those who runs away from you when you beat their faces in. Either way, frozen mallet is a must for me.

User Info: iddZk33p

7 years ago#7
Thanks for the input guys. I've tried stark's before, I didn't like it too much. As for the frozen mallet, what would be a good replacement for it? I build it somewhat midgame for the extra health (mundo tends to be kinda squishy) and it gives a bit of damage so I thought it was nice. The slow was just an extra plus but yeah cleavers cover that already. My guess is building something like boots/sv > atma's > infinity edge. I might try stark's again.

User Info: Gogandantess100

7 years ago#8
dont forget to go where u want as mundo
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User Info: TheGunslingerXL

7 years ago#9
Here's my build:
Rejuv beads + 5 HP pots
Spirit Visage
Starks Fervor
2x Zeal

From there, you can build as needed. I usually pick up a Infinite Edge if I'm doing good.
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User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#10
Red/Green pots!

Spirit Visage, Merc Treads, Starks,


Youmuu, Infinity Edge
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