What do you do when

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User Info: infected1989

7 years ago#1
you find out you ended up in some pre-made team with idiots that respond to your english with polish or something similar and fighting 4 lv30s?

Only coherent english I ever read was Garen calling me stupid. After dying to Tristana in the first 3 mins.

User Info: derpface

7 years ago#2
Hunt down the weakest player(s) on the other team, kill them as much as I can before team fights start. Personal victory. Sure I may have another lose written down on my official status, but in my own hand book thats +1.

User Info: halfassedcomics

7 years ago#3
whatever you do not ragequit. Keep playing and try to adapt as much as you can.
You may have the better car, but i'm a better driver

User Info: CheezWhizX

7 years ago#4
-Enter Champ Selection-
"Hey guys, I'll tank if you guys can play some support and dps."
"xD sorry i am brasil"
-Queue Dodge-
I sense a disturbance in the force.
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User Info: Antistasis

7 years ago#5
^ I always dodge the foreign kids and/or an uncommunicative party in pubs.

I cannot stand to play with a team that can't communicate.
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