What is the strategy with Jax?

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User Info: Magus88

7 years ago#11
The way I've learned it:

Lower cooldown on your Leap Strike is the best. Since Jax is a DPS beast, people will be running away from you. A lot. Leap Strike is the remedy against that. So you'll need to max it ASAP to both maximise the damage as well as being able to use it often. It gains you a lot more kills, from my experience.

W is second priority because it's a nice opening in a teamfight. Press W and target an enemy with Q and you got a solid attack. Even against single targets, where the damage gets procced with your Q ability (provided you used W before you selected your Q target). E is a great skill all in all. But only the first level. It gives 10% at the first level with 2% increments. 2% is too low to prioritise. So max it out last. The 8% in total dodge skill extra is a nice finisher, but never should be a priority.

That you should level your ulti whenever able is self-explanatory.

What I do is this:
-First level > Q
-Second level > E
-Third level > W
-Then max out Q ASAP, picking ultimate whenever available
-If Q and ulti are unavailable, level W
-When everything else is levelled, continue with E.

Item build I use:
-Start with a Doran's Shield and a mana potion (Jax has a load of mana issues at first especially)
- Get Ninja Tabi as soon as possible
- Buy Rageblade. Pickaxe first
- Get a Vampiric Scepter for lifesteal
- Phage (longsword first)
- Build scepter into gunblade, first getting the cutlass
- Atma.
- Build Phage into Mallet.
- Banshee's Veil.

Might want to get the Veil earlier if you're getting bombed with CC.

I'm far from being a pro, but this build worked well so far.

User Info: alvinxie

7 years ago#12

From: Slayer1217 | #009
My build:

Dorans Shield + health pot
Ninja Tabi
Guinsoo rage blade (pickaxe first)
Frozen Mallet
Atmas Impaler
(game is usually over before you can get an impaler)
Hextech Gunblade

If you get to the point where you have all those items, you will be unstoppable compared to other fully geared champs.

I personally go this build but
Hextech instead of atmas and get banshee after that

User Info: Slayer1217

7 years ago#13
W does not scale very well.

I go:

Then R>Q>E>W

User Info: MSN 04 Sazabi

MSN 04 Sazabi
7 years ago#14
Prioritize leap and ulti, and get empower and dodge however you feel you need. If you get dodge boots early, you can afford to level up w more. If you're opting for merc instead then you'd probably want to level up more e first instead. If you feel you're able to be more offensive or that leveling up the w would be more beneficial than some dodge increase chance then go ahead and level it up.

There's no strict build to w vs e. Again, use your judgment as situation dictates =)
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