best noob character to unlock?

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User Info: Yokem

7 years ago#1
hello everyone, im a nub, and i'de like to know what is a good character to play as for abeginner?
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User Info: ck_sephiroth

7 years ago#2

User Info: ayoitzPrIcEless

7 years ago#3
Ashe, Nunu or master yi.
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User Info: count_hamstein

7 years ago#4

User Info: GambitGT

7 years ago#5

dont play ashe uless you wanna die 1000 times

User Info: burninfire251

7 years ago#6
Ashe, Kayle, Soraka -- for a mere 450 a piece and they're all great heroes to learn
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User Info: greatbowzini

7 years ago#7
Yi, Ashe, and Sivir are all very easy to pick up.
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User Info: Grand_Cardinal

7 years ago#8
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User Info: AzureSamiel

7 years ago#9
Kayle is pretty decent, easy to learn and use. Her heal and invincibility come in handy quite often.
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User Info: Yokem

7 years ago#10

so im pretty decent in competetive games (cod, recent blacklight, the new transformers to name a few newer ones) 2.0+ kd

i play this game...and i swear ive been mopped and dropped like a filthy habit. I kindly gave up.

why do i suck so hard? what's the "trick" im missing? are there any clans out there that wanna take me into their loving arms and hone my absolute trash tactics?

ive played wow religiously as well, and other mmo's. But this game is like non ive played before, except i get sweeped all across the board.

God Bless America
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