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User Info: macten5150

7 years ago#1
played a few games, won some and lost some. Still can't find a good character to use, I do good at the beginning but in the later levels people start kicking my ass and I don't know what items I should buy. I had a little bit of luck with Ezreal and Shen but I need some advice, thanks.

btw are the servers down?
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User Info: baby blastoderm

baby blastoderm
7 years ago#2
Stick to a hero that suits your style (someone you seem to do well with), then go over here for more in-depth guides:

After you've chosen a hero and decided to read up on him, go youtube some vids to give you an idea of how the pros (and crappy players) use that hero (they seriously help)... After that, go give it a go with your chosen hero... If by then you are still not comfy with that particular hero, ask us what your playing style is and we can figure out what you might need or might need to improve on...
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