Olaf any good?

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User Info: iluvupsets

7 years ago#1
Anyone think Olaf, the guy whose health boosts his dmg, is he any good? Also, is he good early or late?
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User Info: AsucaHayashi

7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: sharpshooter891

7 years ago#3
I have played quite a bit of him and i find him to be very strong 1v1 but in teamfights he is used to blow up low armored people. I think he is the best mid game once he gets phage on his way to frozen mallet. But he is also pretty good late game. I usually build, phage, merc treads, frozen mallet, starks fervor, soul shroud. but you can work your build to fit how you want to play. you can build more or less tanky.
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User Info: valices

7 years ago#4
He is one of the best junglers in the game in terms of getting buffs and dragon faster than most. He lacks hard cc but has a very interesting ult that makes you able to be a useful resource in team fight, being immune to cc allows you to get to your target like no other. I honestly find him under appreciated like kog'maw however in good hands I think he is a capable champion.
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User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#5
Because of his ability to not have CC, but his inability to be to be targeted (The enemy team usually thinks to themselves, "Olaf does a lot of damage, but <Squishy> does more and we can't focus Olaf because as soon as his health gets below 75% he is a big problem.)

- He is extremely useful early 1v1 because of his passive.
- Effective mid-game because of his chasing power.
- And he cleans house late-game because of his ult.

I prefer playing Olaf over Trynd, Jax, or any other wildly-used auto-attack champ simply because no one else has the balls to chase someone down by continually throwing axes at them.

I will say that other Auto-attackers can beat him, though. Olaf effectively deals with tanks and squishies alike, but Trynds passive and ult and Jax's over all damage output from start to finish usually makes mince meat out of Olaf. And setting off your ult too early or too late is a make-it or break-it deal.

User Info: alvinxie

7 years ago#6
Olaf feels a bit stale when you use him.
Applesauce is good.

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