anyone ever do jax with crit items?

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  3. anyone ever do jax with crit items?

User Info: HarvestMoonMan5

7 years ago#11
Please do not pick Trynd in favor of Jax.
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User Info: Yian Yan

Yian Yan
7 years ago#12
Gamefaqs has been here for like 10 years and still no edit button exists

Funny story, it once did but then things happened and now. . . Well, yannow Canada? It didn't always look like that.
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User Info: TheGunslingerXL

7 years ago#13

From: DonutDeity
If you want to do crit damage, be Trynd. He crits for 1k+ lategame easily, with a 95%ish crit rate.

Sion can do the same and he's easier to farm with if played as AP early game and morphing into AD. Though his crit rate generally rolls around the 70% mark instead, but he has massive lifesteal and a stun. I've gotten Corki to hit for around 1600 late game (longest match I've ever had).
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User Info: Magus88

7 years ago#14
What I found working best for Jax so far is:

- Start out with Doran's Shield and a mana potion.
- Buy Ninja Tabi
- Buy Rageblade (pickaxe first)
- Vampiric scepter
- Phage
- Upgrade scepter to Gunblade
- Atma's Impaler
- Upgrade Phage to Frozen Mallet
- Banshee's Veil/Guardian Angel

User Info: xbombr

7 years ago#15
Mass crit stack? No.

Atma's? Yes.
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  3. anyone ever do jax with crit items?

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