well, that was unexpected

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User Info: moon1244

7 years ago#1
morgana dies to annie at mid 3 times, twitch gets malady first, and in the midst of all this stupidity all our external towers go down

teammates call each other noobs

kayle calls a surrender vote after CHAAAARGEing into fedannie with predictable results

then after the vote barely fails at 3/2, teamwork force and GARmumu(yours truly) kicks in and we win every single teamfight afterwards, twitch destroys them at baron with a well placed ult, then we destroy two inhibitors and force them to surrender

so i guess reversals do happen sometimes!

(partly thanks to their 0/9/7 ashe who also got malady, but hey, they had shen, janna, and annie >_>)
I wish I were what I was when I was trying to become what I am now.

User Info: kirbymuncher

7 years ago#2
I just had a game as nasus where we were losing really badly and had already lost an inhibitor after 25-30 minutes.

In the end, it was a 55 minute game (yeah, I know >_>) and we won after acing them in a full teamfight where they all surrounded me and tried to kill me during my ult, while taking massive damage from it + kat's ult.

It was kinda funny after that, we pushed in so fast that we destroyed their nexus while kills were still being listed at the top of the screen :P

User Info: Ness26

7 years ago#3
Most surrenders at 25 shouldn't happen. People would be surprised at what you can come back from.

The only time I'd vote yes for a surrender that early is if I can't get the players on my team to listen/cooperate and they keep making the same mistakes. Even then, it's still possible to win, but it's pretty unlikely and I'd like just a fresh start and hopefully play with more communicative people.
No amount of planning will ever replace dumb luck.
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