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User Info: TJSloan885

7 years ago#1
I hate the people that play them think there amazing at this game and talk so much **** to you saying you suck and get better noob. This has happened 3 games in a row and from 10 of my deaths from xin I was able to kill him once. No idea how but I did...

Just need to vent my frustration out.... okay then one more game?!?

User Info: ColdFlamez

7 years ago#2
Trashtalkers tend to always pick easy FotM to trashtalk with,

User Info: im_so_hood

7 years ago#3
xin is op.

xin is not op (if you main xin).

User Info: RD201290

7 years ago#4
i play xin and he is OP.

User Info: chanjkh

7 years ago#5
^^ Ditto

Can't wait for the nerf so people would stop complaining.
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User Info: ipope1189

7 years ago#6
xin is op, and xin is OPPP mid solo. played a ranked game with me midding him and went like 9-1-18.

i hate playing as OP FotM, but when you don't ban him, i'll first pick him np.

I can't wait til this patch where they (hopefully) nerf his ult. and maybe make it so three talon has to be successful hits. =/
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GT: IxI iPope IxI

User Info: troyboy81

7 years ago#7
i can take him out all day with fiddlesticks! ult, fear, wind then life drain. dead in about 4 secs

User Info: MarioKartDavid

7 years ago#8
Yeah I can take him out with fiddle or jax myself, but he should not be so OP as to how only a limited amount of heroes can take him on 1 on 1

User Info: SrythOfSorrow

7 years ago#9
Whats FotM?

User Info: xHFx

7 years ago#10

From: SrythOfSorrow | #009
Whats FotM?

Flavor of the Month.

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