Expert players give me some tips on playing Ashe.

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User Info: Xnoe

7 years ago#1
I have 5 mastery points and dont know what to spend them on with her, any advice, and what should I buy in game?
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User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#2
Spend your measly points in Utility since you won't benefit much from having 1% critical strike.

Infinity Edge is a core item and you should always get it. If you're skilled enough, you can get a Youmuu's Ghostblade granted you understand how to use the active. Banshee's Veil will help you survive granted that Ashe has no escape mechanisms compared to Ezreal or Corki.
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User Info: CalmOfEmptiness

7 years ago#3
Let me run you through Mastery points real quick.

You can change your masteries before any game by clicking on the mastery box in champion select. Put 3 points into the death timer reduction, and then probably a point in Ghost and Teleport if you're using those moves, or 1 point in Exhaust or 1 point in Heal, all depending on if you're using those spells.

In-game, you want to build for Damage. Do not build attack speed on most champions, especially Ashe. In fact, if there was an item that would decrease her attack speed in exchange for damage, I would built it on Ashe. >_>

But anyway, heres' a good Ashe build, especially for a beginner:

Meki Pendant + 2 HP Pot (you can wait after minions spawn for a few seconds to buy a 3rd Pot)
BF Sword
Turn your Boots into Merc Treads
Turn your BF Sword into an Infinity Edge, or buy the Cloak of Agility first, then the Pickaxe
Turn your Meki Pendant into a Chalice if you're having mana issues
Turn your Catalyst into a Banshee's Veil
Stack Executioner's Callings after that. >_> Sell your Meki/Chalice for a 3rd Exec Calling if you must.

Spam Volley at enemies. Use your slow and choose good targets to slow down. If you manage to stack

And I promise you, stacking Executioner's Calling is a GREAT idea, especially at your level of play. It's the most cost-efficient item if you want crit and lifesteal.

User Info: Dragonslash

7 years ago#4
Ashe is arguably the best character in the game right now.
HOWEVER, that's completely dependant if you have the right healers. Ashe doesn't do incredible dps compared to some other character and she doesn't even have outs. Basically the metagame revolves around ashe's volley. Ashe can prevent fights, but she can be ganked fairly easy if you're not with your team.

Here we go.
Get a soraka or taric on your team.
Push a lane, any lane. Poke them with characters like Ezreal. Prevent fights by team kiting and communicating any possible mix ups from the other team. Poke more. All of you should have full health due to soraka and taric and you guys should all be fine on mana. Keep kiting the enemy team. Once the team fight looks pretty easy to win because you whittled them down and they couldn't do jack because your healers have healed you up to full the entire time, go ahead and use ECA and win the team fight.

Another thing.
These items are needed.
Chalice... I don't care what you say, don't get phil stone for the love of god. She needs the mana.
Infinity Edge.
Last whisper.
Oh, and obviously merc treads.
At this point you don't really need anything more but if the game is for some reason taking longer then it's your choice on whether or not you should build a banshees just in case something SOMEHOW happens or just keep stacking bloodthirsters.

Ashe used to be low tier. Remember this. Ashe got no buff that made her the best character in the game, in fact she got nerfs and she is still the best, the only the that changed was the metagame. If you don't have the team support, she is a subpar hero at best.
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User Info: Dragonslash

7 years ago#5
Take special note that the main thing you are stacking on Ashe despite what you are doing is AD (atk damage). The only atk speed item you get is Last whisper, period.
Attack speed gives her no other benefit other than her auto attack getting faster, while AD has synergy with Volley, your best move.
Make sure to get Ghost and something else.
The old combo used to be Ghost Cleanse, but Ghost flash should be pretty good.
Masteries should be going into Utility, and getting meditation is a must. Pick it up when you can. It's 5mp5, a crazy amount of early game mana regen that should allow you to volley for a long time in conjunction with meki pendant.
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User Info: Sagemaestro

7 years ago#6
Here we go.
Get a soraka or taric on your team.


User Info: NinjaKangaroo

7 years ago#7
Couldn't you be getting Madred's bloodrazors against a bulky team?

That gives some pretty nice attack speed, but is more situational.
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User Info: CalmOfEmptiness

7 years ago#8
Couldn't you be getting Madred's bloodrazors against a bulky team?

If Ashe is the only source of DPS, then this is a viable option.

If there is another carry on the team like a Jax or a Warwick or Tristana they should be the ones to grab the Bloodrazor.

Let me talk about about Ashe and attack speed:

Volley uses Damage, not attack speed.
Crystal Arrow works off of AP
The Hawk thing doesn't really scale with anything IIRC.
Frost Shot can work off of attack speed, but...

Frost Shot takes mana per shot for 2 seconds. And funnily enough, it takes mana per shot. So, you are actually getting more out of it if you have less attack speed and more damage, because you are using less mana.

In fact, Ashe could have an attack speed of about .750 and she could permaslow an enemy.

If you are looking to freeze more than one enemy

User Info: XenoFaith

7 years ago#9

User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#10
I don't even bother with Last Whisper most games, since I have arpen runes + brutalizer = true damage to anyone who doesn't buy armor. And for those who do stack armor, well, what do I care, I have better targets for my autoattacks.
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