Your fastest fist blood?

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User Info: CuddleWithClaws

6 years ago#21
Being Teemo in the enemy-side bushes, top, stealthed and with ignite / exhaust / elixir. About 45 seconds. Odd, it's the only time I ever played Teemo.
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User Info: TakaRai7

6 years ago#22
Someone turret dived me before the creep wave. First blood
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User Info: Gogandantess100

6 years ago#23
5 man ganked ww when he went to golem, he dropped so fast
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User Info: megaexe

6 years ago#24
Around 20 seconds. Bro and I bought our items, teleported down to our lane, hid in the bush closest to enemy tower. A WW decides to TP down and head straight into the bush.

Queue a Double Ignite+Stun combo that had him ragequit, and us smiling like bastards.
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