Twisted Fate is so cheap..

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User Info: skitz_oh_frinic

7 years ago#11
The trick versus a Twisted Fate jonesing for tower kills is to keep your lanes pushed up. This will stop him all the way to late-late game. Good pushing heroes like Sivir and Phoenix Udyr only need to spend a small amount of time in a lane to get it back up a respectable distance.

Generally, if the teams aren't initiating late game, TF will take the initiative to backdoor your towers or port to a pushed up lane. Don't dawdle in back-and-forth teamfights. The longer you draw out the game the more people are farmed up. The more people are farmed up, the more opportunities they have to backdoor your tower.

If you feed, the game won't be in your favour, and it generally takes teamwork to take down fed heroes. This is hard as hell to do in pugs. TF is great when fed, since it's very easy for him to initiate 1v1 or 2v1 with Destiny, but this is balanced by his absolutely worthless early game. If he feeds you, he's absofriggen useless and he'll keep feeding due to the unreliable nature of his CC, squishiness and lack of escape options.

If you don't get a decisive victory before 45 minutes, matches may end up going either way after the gap in gold and items shorten. This means the team with the best carries and tower-killers may end up rolling over a balanced team-comp.

User Info: alvinxie

7 years ago#12
Crowd control is stuns and stuff, not them being better at pushing.
Applesauce is good.
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