Warwick's ult is imba

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User Info: ipope1189

7 years ago#1
you be the judge

LoL IGN: iPopeIxI - Resident LoL Beginners teacher. =)
GT: IxI iPope IxI

User Info: Spanishpants123

7 years ago#2
Is that one of the new skins that'll be on sale this weekend?


User Info: highdigger

7 years ago#3
Well the video does reveal why people play warwick. They have something in common with that small dog in the video.

User Info: cjpv1

7 years ago#4
this actually made me smile.
`'~-.,_,..-~'```'~ Kirisute~'```'~-.,_,.-~'``
._.._,.-~'`-`'~-., Gomen .,_,.-~'`~`'~.~.,

User Info: Agghh83

7 years ago#5
lol amusing in a shameful way
It's kinda like the feeling in an old folks home, even though you love them, you can't wait for them to go..

User Info: Antistasis

7 years ago#6
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  3. Warwick's ult is imba

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