Alistar tips?

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User Info: Spinnah

7 years ago#1
I like him but I've been doing really meh with him. What's the best way to play him and what items do I want?
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User Info: lionheart5656

7 years ago#2
Always headbutt enemies toward your team for the most part.

Last night, I faced an alistair that used headbutt as a damage move. He saved my team at least 5 times and he almost never ultied.

It was hilarious.
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User Info: DeeJayTechnika

7 years ago#3
Team Fight: Flash -> Pulverize -> Headbutt = gg 5v4
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User Info: cjpv1

7 years ago#4
Stun > run behind > headbutt into team.
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User Info: jgoodwin1981566

7 years ago#5
take damage for the team.... be the best tank you can, headbutt others back to your tower/team
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