Good DPS tank?

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User Info: Kirbys_Cake

7 years ago#1
Getting bored of my current champs. Who are some good dps tanks?
GT: Kirbys Cake
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User Info: ColdFlamez

7 years ago#2
Tanks that can also do decent DPS or DPS that are sturdy?

User Info: Kirbys_Cake

7 years ago#3
Sturdy DPS
LoL: TheCyberPolice
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User Info: DonutDeity

7 years ago#4
Olaf, Garen, Xin Zhao, Dr. Mundo, Nasus, AD Gragas

I think that's it.

User Info: Spinnah

7 years ago#5
Jax? His dodge makes him annoying to hit.
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User Info: R_Jackal

7 years ago#6
Jax isn't really tanky--one disable and you're down pretty much just as fast, whether you have 5000 HP or 2000 HP with no Armor/Mres.

Garen, Nasus, Xin are pretty much the ultimate choices in the category.

User Info: darth254

7 years ago#7
melee Sion can be a pretty solid choice, just make sure you rack up some minion kills with enrage.

User Info: MysticHate

7 years ago#8
I'd have to say sion.

Or for a suedo tank, maybe olaf.

User Info: _BLITZ_KRIEG_

7 years ago#9
Sion IMO.

User Info: TakaRai7

7 years ago#10
I go where I please because its only a short way.

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