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User Info: Patayin

7 years ago#1
I uninstalled the game because it kept telling me that the server was unavailable every time I try to login. For the past hour i've been installing and uninstalling the game and it would only let me play each time i reinstalled the game. When I exit the game and try to relog-in the server will always say that it's unavailable unless i reinstall the game again.

So now i totally deleted all of the files concerning the game such as pando media and what not. But now the problem is everytime i download the game from the site, it would say "Error creating installation directory"

Now I cant even download the game. Can anyone help me with this problem?
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User Info: ZombieGoesWakka

7 years ago#2
The servers are down.

User Info: Patayin

7 years ago#3
No no no this happened last night too. It says that im not connected to the internet and i can only play games when i reinstall the game but now i cant even download it.

Unless it wont let me download the game cause the servers are down?
If you believe in Jesus Christ and are 100% proud of it, put this in your sig.

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