So I played Gangplank for the first time yetsterday...

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User Info: SuperLuigi17

7 years ago#1
AMAZING! I never got so many kills before, granted I was playing a practice games but I'm still learning the game and I really seem to be decent at him.

I went for a crit build and I was literally half shotting other champions and 1 shotting minions with crits. It was rediculous. I love his mortar strike type abliity where you can fire your cannon barrage from ANWHERE on the map and it's very nice to be able to eat food for some health + get rid of a status effect.

Is gangplank known as a good ganker or was I playing him wrong?
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User Info: cjpv1

7 years ago#2
He is an underestimated hero. He is good at ganking and getting off spike damage and his ultimate is good for pushing and defending.
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User Info: DSLust03

7 years ago#3
He's a finesse hero Luigi so he doesn't necessarily dominate or "carry" a team, but you are playing him absolutely how he's supposed to be played.

Heavy crit build and a very robust support unit. Enjoy!
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User Info: Hulkkis

7 years ago#4
Critplank is a joke when you reach level 30 and people actually know how to play.
Supportplank is the future.
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User Info: Zyk22

7 years ago#5
I love doing tiamatplank as a joke/fun build. Get your crit items and stuff (inifinity edge+1 other crit item) and just start stacking tiamats. Huge AOE damage (small AOE though), its kind of hard to farm so its not really viable. But it sure is fun.

User Info: mrkartel

7 years ago#6
was playing 3v3 last night with GP, other team had a leaver, but they didnt surrender, turned into a 50 min match

I ended up going 15-5. with about 300 minion kills

My final items were 3x infinity edge, 3x black cleaver

600ish base dmg.
900ish parrrly
2000ish parrrly crit

id kill dragon with 4 hits. was awesome. prolly never get another chance to do a build like that again :(

User Info: halfassedcomics

7 years ago#7
what's a support plank build again?
i keep building aura idk if its right
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User Info: Bea5T

7 years ago#8
frozen mallet
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