Fiddle build?

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User Info: furi_kuri

7 years ago#1
So what has been the build ppl have been using for fiddle? I usually get pendant, boots, then rush rylai's, then GA, but that seems horribly inefficient. What should I be using?

User Info: Agghh83

7 years ago#2
Personally I get Doran's ring with a pot first; the ring gives 120 hp which helps early on. I get Sorceror's shoes afterwards, followed by Void Staff. Then, I'll get Zhonyas, and then Abyssal Scepter, then Rylai's if time permits.
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User Info: WRRYYYYers

7 years ago#3
^Void staff should only be used on a team that stacks MRES.

This is because a percentage bonus may not be worthwhile if the enemy only has 30 MRES. 40% of 30 is less than 15, whereas an Abyssal Scepter reduces their MRES by 20, which, depending on the situation, could be a greater bonus.
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User Info: Soveliss07

7 years ago#4
Ability Tome to Mejai's for my first item, then Void Staff, Guardian Angel, Abysscal Scepter, and then if i feel like i need more mana and AP, and the match is lasting long enough, i'll grab an AA staff. lich bane for last item, just for the better auto attacks.

User Info: A Purple Cow

A Purple Cow
7 years ago#5
amp tome+health pot, jungle
sorc boots
haunting guise
survivability, preferably GA

Too many Fiddle players buy pure damage and then get killed in the first second of their ultimate. Much better to get a cheapish item that keeps on giving like Mejai's and then start to build for living. 5 seconds of a weak ult>>>2 seconds of a strong ult.

User Info: Soveliss07

7 years ago#6
i forgot to mention i get the boots of mobility after my mejai's tome. i find that the +5 movement speed when i'm ooc helps me get to ganks quicker.

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