Pantheon is bad.

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User Info: Atralis

7 years ago#1
Early game he is fine, but even in mid game you start to see his weaknesses.

Heartseeker Strike- You do 5 little hits in a cone in front of you. The problem? Unless you have a ****ton of attack power the skill is a joke. People can move out of it, and you are stuck standing there like an idiot while it goes off. And you are also NOT ATTACKING while the thing is going off. The only thing this is good for is killing minions.

The Ultimate- You fly down from anywhere on the map and do some nice AoE damage on landing. The problem? A huge green early warning circle appears right on top of them. Anyone who has ever played in a game with pantheon knows to get out of the way. And the rest of them will know after the first time you use it. Its also weak in the respect that you can never use it as a finisher.

He is flat out weaker than a lot of other fighters.
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User Info: Atralis

7 years ago#2
This is something I feel all the time.

Jump in for crap damage and 1 second stun! Dink dink dink dink dink 5 hit combo! Spear Throw!

.... and you took almost no damage ...... well I'll just get murdered by you here while all my **** is on cooldown.
~ IN THE FUTURE there will be no black people and white people. Just robots.

User Info: Aero_15

7 years ago#3
HSS was overnerfed. It's what he brings in a teamfight, and now it's useless. And with every champion and their mothers filled with mobility skills, plus Summoner skills, it's fairly easy to dodge his ultimate, as if it wasn't hard enough to use it on the correct spot, because of all the delay.

Yes, Pantheon is bad.
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User Info: Icegoten200

7 years ago#4
His ultimate should be used after your team has initiated a fight so they have the option of trying to run out of the circle causing them to stop attacking you or staying in and taking that damage.
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User Info: Sukuta-san

7 years ago#5
No one here will argue with what your trying to say, it's pretty much agreed.
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User Info: xHFx

7 years ago#6
Red warning circle. Red.

User Info: NoGaRdKniGht

7 years ago#7
Heartseeker Strike is pretty crap atm. Right now, it's a one-point wonder for the 100% crit when they're at 15% or less health. You're better off maxing Spear and Shield first.

User Info: Scarmott

7 years ago#8
Im not going to defend heartseeker strike as it's a pretty bad skill right now. Your problem is that you're still using it. It's much more efficient after your aegis to auto-attack -> spear throw -> auto attack. I only really use HSS when I'm making a bold tower dive because it restores your shield so quickly allowing you to block more tower shots.

His ult is something everyone misunderstands. I use it for two purposes...

1) When there is a possible gank. Assume a 2 on 2 top lane...You see the potential to win the fight and overload the lane. Your job isn't to hop ON them and KILL them. Your job is to pick a VERY strategic spot (look at the lane, look at their escape routes) and cut them off so your team can get there and win. My ults will almost ALWAYS be behind the enemy team so we can flank and destroy. Often I ult in behind them, my teammates are now rushing towards us, we are closing in the box and I have an incredibly useful stun to stop one and gaurantee my team can finish it.

2) No explanation here, drop on your own towers to defend them if they're being attacked. Just like using teleport defensively.

To close on the whole ult discussion...It's an early-midgame ganking tool. You cut off their exit strategy and tear them down. It will almost never be used in any offensive manner late game as it's fairly suicidal. The only real point late-game (which is still huge, don't doubt) is your ability to base and heal or shop and come right back and be a presence in fights.

Which brings up one more point I have about Panth. He's one of the champs with the freedom to base many more times during a game than others except maybe TF. Use that, always be buying mid items to be just ahead of the game in terms of power. That WILL keep you in the game despite his weaknesses. By the time I'm level 8 I've usually based twice, have my brutalizer and upgraded boots, maybe an extra long sword while the enemies in my lane haven't had the luxury of basing and are out of potions and left with their doran's or whatever.

Also, one last thing. I'm almost sure pantheon NEEDS ignite and exhaust...Use them as part of your 1-2 punch combos all the time. Without those skills you'll probably lack the killing power you're looking for.

User Info: Xylarxcode

7 years ago#9
Would sure help if most Pantheons didn't play in ways that would shame a five year old.
Example: 4 of my team are pushing turret. Suddenly, Panths ring of doom appears. Everyone backs off and waits at the edge of the ring. Panth lands and all 4 of us pounce on him. What was the point of that?
Could be just ELO I'm playing at but I see a lot of Panth's ult being used that way. Leaping into a situation that you just can't win.
His other abilities only seem to do ticklish dmg as well.
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User Info: Tali_Zorah

7 years ago#10
His leap does have some pretty awesome uses though. We were about to win in one game, and the enemy Pantheon apparently decided he might as well suicide. I just respawned back at base when suddenly Pantheon lands in the spawn zone. I think wtf and just kill him with the turrets help, then told him how awesome that was of him.
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