should i buy annie

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User Info: 40o_is_baaaaack

6 years ago#1
I used her when she was free and tbh i did the best i ever had done before with her. havent been on since she wasnt free for other reasons, but im about to come back and... should i buy her? im level 11 and shes only 1350 ip isnt she?

would it be worth it to buy her or just save my ip until level 20?
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User Info: dark_lord_havoc

6 years ago#2
tibbers stun is epic, so it wouldn't be a bad investment if you liked her
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User Info: n00b14

6 years ago#3
She's definitely worth buying.

User Info: Teen Girl Squad

Teen Girl Squad
6 years ago#4
She's one of the best casters in the game. If you enjoyed her play style, go for it.
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