Please help me kill XIn

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User Info: Freakiest_Gamer

7 years ago#11
exhaust pretty much murders xin... well i guess it also depends on how fast you can kill him

User Info: El_Kais0n

7 years ago#12
Is he Lu Bu in disguise? Sure sounds like it. I bet he even has a horse.
Minotaur stole my trident...

User Info: DSLust03

7 years ago#13
Haha nice one. Lu Bu used to freakin destroy me. I'd send in droves of reinforcements and he'd be spinning amongst them destroying all who oppose him. Lu Bu...
It's a Canes thing, you wouldn't understand.

User Info: Antistasis

7 years ago#14
Can we not talk about Lu Bu? It brings back painful memories.

User Info: Vampire_Wreath

7 years ago#15
Those hours wasted not reading/listening to just run past him.


User Info: LatiasSA

7 years ago#16
Teemo with Ghost/exhaust=Dead xin zhao most of the time.

Its sort of like how I always killed Lu Bu in the second game by pegging him with 99 arrows, but alot more sadisticly funny because of how frustrated the xin zhao player will get.
Uh, Centriole AND Eon_Latias were setbacks!
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User Info: shyahone

7 years ago#17
Too bad xin zhao just uses talon strike to stun you for the duration of the exhaust then kills you.

User Info: xHFx

7 years ago#18

From: qwert42 | #010
Well you're right. It is to long of a cooldown, even for an ultimate.

See Amumu's ultimate.
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  3. Please help me kill XIn

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