Amumu Jungling help?

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User Info: Songslinger

7 years ago#1
Do you absolutely need defense talents to jungle as amumu?
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User Info: rubilakX

7 years ago#2
if you use the wraiths>mid>wolves>blue pattern, you dont need defense masteries and can go 9/0/21

User Info: TheIlluminator

7 years ago#3
amumu is noob, janna is goddess

User Info: May916

7 years ago#4
I never really go full defense tree with amumu. I don't even have health quints. I just go full MPen/CDR/MPRegen and I solo golem at lvl1 just fine.

Are you getting despair first? Do you smite? Do you pop a health pot after the golem hits you once?


User Info: Dominion_Pye

7 years ago#5
Without them, I can't get both Blue and Red without going back after the golems.

User Info: mattislegion

7 years ago#6
Well I use defensive masteries, but it depends on what you're doing. I don't know why anyone wouldn't use defensive masteries though...

Just get W first, cloth armor, potions, smite. You should be able to solo golem fine. As long as you have at least some runes and masteries I would think.
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