Suggested Kog Builds?

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User Info: Cody14W

6 years ago#1
So yeh i recently got kog and was trying out abunch of dif builds like
Chalice, Madreds or Frozen Mallet, and ect and tried going with Archangels staff instead of chalice but still not sure. or should i just go hybrid? not sure which way to build him since last few patches.

User Info: Nate_the_Great8

6 years ago#2
the one i use seems to work

Doran's Ring / HP potion

then get boots of speed (ur gonna build these into sorcs eventually)

if ur doing well u can go straight to sorc boots for early magic pen. but i find myself going to the next item next for mana regen

the next item is Tear of the Goddess (which can be converted into a arch staff late game)

after u get doran/sorcboot/tear i straight up build a bloodrazor. this will destroy basically anybody that gets close to you if u pair this item with ur W ability.

ur now in late game, i usualy get the arch staff for a AP boost, or u can go with frozen mallet for mroe survibility. if u think ur doing fine with hp, get a rageblade for more damage
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User Info: SorrySleeping

6 years ago#3
Chalice of Harmony
Boots of Mobility
Tear of Goddess
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Upgrade your what should be maxed ultimate.
Zhonya's Ring
Archangel's Staff (another one)

STEAL golem buff every single time you can. It is better for you.

Spam your ultimate without worries of mana.
Watch you win teamfights before they even happen.
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User Info: Xaes

6 years ago#4
Merc Treads
Blood Razor
Last Whisper
Sword of the Divine
Starks Fervor

That will give you the AS, the razor to be used with W, and enough armor pen to work them over.

I've also seen Bigfatjiji go Infinity Edge first then Razor and then grab a Youmou's and some other AS stuff for auto attack crits on top of the madred's + w.

AD is where it's at as long as you stay back and know your limits, it's far better then AD.

Standard Armor Pen or Magic Pen Marks, MP5/Level Seals and Flat Cooldown Glyphs. Health Quints are a handy thing for Kog since he's so easy to explode.

And whatever build you do, take extra care when facing akalis. With their ult they can get in your face so fast you'll be blowing up before you realize.
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User Info: Hiryuu_

6 years ago#5
^ this, though I'd grab a Frozen Mallet instead of SotD and a damage or survivability item instead of Starks.

Get lizard buff as often as you can.
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User Info: Nixcros

6 years ago#6
The AD/ AP builds both have merit and will work over the enemy team. If you truly wish to build Kog amazingly, just watch what the enemy team does. If they go heavy defense and you want AD go last whisper. If they go heavy defense and you are AP enjoy the speedy kills on all their champs. Both builds are very viable, but no matter what build you use make a frozen mallet for the speed reduction and always attempt to have both the blue and red buffs. (by the way) I noticed Kog generally finishes his builds earlier than some champs (by all means, don't forget to buy the 3 buff potions when your item sets are full)

My AD build of choice: (not in any major order, just boots and phage always first)
Boots of Necessity
Phage--->Mallet later
Ghost blade
Madred's Blood-Razor
(this item is dependent, get survivability if your being focused (GA or Leviathan) get more AD if your not focused (Starks or IE)

My AP Build of choice: (first two items are a must)
Boots of Necessity
Phage---> Frozen Mallet later
Madred's Blood-Razor
Nashor's Tooth
Dependent on enemy team (if going MR build Void Staff) (if they are focusing you , build survivability like leviathans or GA) (if you want more damage go archangel's)
Like always grab the Golem and Lizard buffs when you can.

Masteries I use are 9/0/21 grabbing magic pen and cool downs in offensive, grabbing ghost bonus utility buff time, extra exp and lower dead time. Increased movement speed is a must and shorter cool downs + the final ability for the summoner shorter cool downs. I usually run Cleanse + Ghost, but Ignite + Ghost is worth it as well as Heal + Ghost.

Remember my build isn't the be all end all of builds for Kog, experiment with him. This hero is in a very good place. He plays on the squishy side and yet when you play him properly , the enemy teams carries+ support will melt in your hands(mouth?)
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