Void staff or Abyssal scepter?

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User Info: JebSkatr2

6 years ago#1
So generally towards the late/end game I try to pick up some magic penetration for my casters (Vlad, Morgana, etc).

Which item is better? I always am unsure which to pick.

Void staff is nice because it's cheaper and I believe has better single target penetration (especially against tank's stacking MR)

The Scepter, however, adds MR and a debuff for all enemies in the area.


User Info: SupaPowers

6 years ago#2
Abyssal is better, IMO.

However, void staff is a great item, too.
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User Info: mattislegion

6 years ago#3
For 400 extra gold I think the Scepter helps out a lot.
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User Info: SorrySleeping

6 years ago#4
Void if they are stacking MR.
Scepter if they aren't.
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User Info: Aero_15

6 years ago#5
Both situational items. Just be smart.

If they have 50+ MR, Void Staff is better.
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User Info: CalmOfEmptiness

6 years ago#6
Here's some quick calculations:

-Magic Penetration Marks = 9 Pen
-Magic Pen Mastery = 15% Pen
-Sorc Boots = 20 Pen
-Haunting Guise = 20 Pen
-Abyssal Scepter = 20 Reduction
-Void Staff = 40% Pen

Then, you have to remember the order of penetration.

1 - Reduction
2 - Flat Penetration
3 - % Penetration

If your Void Staff is penetrating 20 or more of the enemy MR, it's doing the same thing as an Abyssal, you're just not getting the 57 MR from Abyssal.

If your Void Staff would penetrate less than 20, then get an Abyssal.

In this case, a Void Staff is just as good of a buy offensively if your enemy has the magic 100 MR number; your marks, Sorc Shoes, and Guise penetrate 49, and then Void Staff penetrates about 21 MR, leaving the enemy with virtually 30 MR. If you have the mastery, then it takes them down to 28 MR.

If your enemy has less than 100 MR, then the Abyssal Scepter is probably a better buy.

Abyssal happens to be a decent item to rush if you have a Fiddlesticks or Ryze on your team, and can give you a nice advantage early on, because most enemies have 30 MR, which AS takes down to 10, and then a debuff from your team takes them down to 0.

Also, don't forget that Abyssal affects the entire enemy team.

User Info: Kagerasu

6 years ago#7
Don't forget Void Staff is quite cheaper as well.
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User Info: AbsenceOfNoob

6 years ago#8
ALso dont forget that scepter gives off an aura which can give away your position to nearby enemies if they are very aware of their debuffs
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