Being rough on your teammate is a GOOD thing.

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User Info: ArcticPlague

7 years ago#1
While playing during the level 10-20 range, I was sometimes harassed by my own teammates about many things- how I played, my build, etc. At the time, it always bothered me of course, but now that I'm closer to 30 and playing a LOT better, I'm actually quite thankful.

If people weren't so rough on me, I wouldn't be as good as I am now.

If you're being criticized by a teammate, analyze what you're doing wrong, make amends, and play better in the future. Sometimes people can go over the edge with insults, but always see it as a positive thing.

Tl;dr: In the long run, being rough an a teammates that's making mistakes will improve his future gameplay. Although at the time, it will demoralize him (And perhaps the team), he will recall his mistakes and play better in the future.
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User Info: Hiten42

7 years ago#2
just because this happened to you, doesn't mean that this has happened to other people.
Some people will just play on and play their way because they think that they're the best.

User Info: lionheart5656

7 years ago#3
So the moral of the story is never underestimate the power of Eve.

I agree.
Don't be that guy. That guy just wants to be me.
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User Info: agesboy

7 years ago#4
Generally speaking, my raging teammates simply spam "OMFG YOU SUCK" and then proceed to feed or ragequit. <_<

If I could find people who told me advice instead of that, I would be quite happy >_>
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User Info: HaiSankz

7 years ago#5
I cry myself to sleep every night because of what my teammates say about me when I play Eve and stack Maladies with Zerkers, and teemo in my inventory....

User Info: ZombieGoesWakka

7 years ago#6
Giving calm, contructive criticism to an ally is a good thing.
However, they are often brain damaged and will take it as an insult and will then troll you with obscenities and retarded spew.

Likewise, them giving "advice" is usually in the form mentioned above. "F'ING NOOB! LEARN TO PLAY!" when they are often doing worse or not playing their champ properly.

I conclude that it is actually best to keep to small facts and points when addressing a problem. You have almost no chance of improving an idiot. You can only hope to give him all he needs to potentially be worth anything.

User Info: SEANGO91

7 years ago#7
eh i shouldn't have to call our nasus to noob 50 times because he keeps pushing the lane and then getting ganked i told him not to push before he got ganked the first time and he didn't listen until olaf was very fed.. wait no he never listened

User Info: SephirothPrime

7 years ago#8
If i see my teammates building towards warmog's i politely tell them about it's inefficient costs but so far it's been a lost cause. it kinda sucks but then again, i'd feel great about it if i was on the opposing team. especially a vlad rushing for warmog's early game, it's the biggest facepalm tbh.

User Info: Dredj

7 years ago#9
No, being rough on your team mates is not a good thing. If there is something genuinely wrong though then sure tell them. Thing is though, as someone mentioned above that advice is normally "omfg noob uninstall and play Tetris" and that player is then pissed off and chaos ensues.

User Info: Cuboned

7 years ago#10
I just hate when you die once and they're like "-insert champion name here- don't do stupid things"

Thanks pal, i really needed that bit of information.
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