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User Info: ArcticPlague

7 years ago#1
What are you thoughts on her, in regards to fun factor?

Would you say she's fun or tedious to play?
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User Info: Negr0donis

7 years ago#2
Pretty boring but rewarding, since you can turn the tides of battle just by being there.

User Info: _Qaenyin

7 years ago#3
She can be fun but your enjoyment of her depends a lot on how good your team is. I wouldn't suggest using her in solo queue, that'd be torture.
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User Info: Hulkkis

7 years ago#4
Fun, only played solo queue.
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User Info: Ding6

7 years ago#5
Played yesterday in Ranked with her.
She can do some decisive change game situations. In team fights she is a really must have.
Her ult stuns and deal damage, and while your damage aura is ON your team finishes them. I'm building her with AP, without survivability items, because I don't dive in team fights, I stay behind buffing and doing some ranged damage, and I only died once =)

She is a LOT of fun IMO. She never gets out of mana and you can spam heals and movement speed. It's really fun =)
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User Info: lionheart5656

7 years ago#6
If you want to have fun with her, you need only follow this guide:

She's fun for me either way but I play aggressive.
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User Info: Kagerasu

7 years ago#7
She's a snowballer in combat. Effectively just an initiator in the first 5 seconds of combat, her ability in team fight shines purely based on how long she can stay in combat, opposite of champions that use their big combos (crowstorm/mummy/morg to an extent/etc) and become fodder willingly for their carries.

She's a truly broken champion if you have no way in your lineup to gank her hard. On the other hand the aforementioned big combo dealers that usually come with snares/cc are her bane as speeding up a team who's being cc'd means jack !@#$, and her burst ability beyond the ult is absolutely nothing.

Which in solo queuing/normal games means, she's the support MF. Scrubs will always lose to her if they have the wrong line up, being at the mercy of how competent the Sona is and her own lineup.
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User Info: ShadowAkuma

7 years ago#8
If you like playing support, your gonna like Sona, apart from being(imo) the sexiest champ in the game, shes a decent support, with a speed up, heal, and 1.5 dance party. she can kinda nuke a little early game if you get her passive to 3, hit them with q then an auto attack. itll do a decent amount but your gonna want someone to finish, like any support, and your pretty squishy, if you get focused you will die near instantly, but you can escape pretty easily with your W and E, you can also send your ult back if your in some serious trouble. She's your basic squishy support. I like her because im a fan of tank and support characters, i play pretty passively so it works for me, if your a more aggressive player to might wanna try another hero.

User Info: AbsenceOfNoob

7 years ago#9
my opinion of Sona is lololololol i mash "qwe" and win
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User Info: Highlygifted

7 years ago#10
She is a very good champion to say the least. She is a support, pure and simple, anyone who tries to build for anything else is foolish. She stacks Mana Regen and CDR so she spams Q-W-E like others have said late game. You basically hold the lives of your team mates in your hands as Sona being able to heal, speed them up, and provide a major CC. I will never play Sona in a random queue simply she is only as good as her team mates, and while 3-0-24 is easy with a premade, you'll basically be a useless lump when you have a pack of fools in a random.

I personally found her fun just because she can do so many things that other champions bring to the table individually that Sona can do all by herself.
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