Chalice vs Tears of the Goddess

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User Info: SephirothPrime

7 years ago#11
There's only a handful of characters who wouldn't benefit from Tears transformation into manamune/AA

User Info: docmarth

7 years ago#12
mana regen runes.

User Info: jamiemadrox024

7 years ago#13
Depends on the champion.
I get Chalice on Taric because it helps sustain pushes or having enough mana to still use Radiance after a team fight. The MR is also helpful and helps to balance out my Armor/MR.

Tear will be better on any character that will benefit from AA or Manamune and imo, gives you better spell spamming abilities than Chalice does.

User Info: Kuriei

7 years ago#14
Chalice on tanks, tear for AP.

User Info: capgamer

7 years ago#15
Chalice is a solid choice on some characters like Malphite who don't really benefit from the ability to transform the item into more AP and/or would like a bit more magic resist.
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From: docmarth | #012
mana regen runes.

This. Forget both items altogether and get Catalyst, which you can then turn into Rod of Ages.
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User Info: tombman27

7 years ago#17
Tear, now that Manamune exists.
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