think i finally got my urgot build down.

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  3. think i finally got my urgot build down.

User Info: Xano1234

6 years ago#1
After MUCH trial and error I think I have a good build down.

Masteries: 9/0/21. This gives him great recharge and mana regen along with damage.

Runes: still in the process of buying, but red: all armor pen, blue: all magic resist per level. Yellow and quint, all dodge.

Items: Mali pendant into chalice right away.

Mercury threads


Then start building black clevers.

This build let's you out damage just about anyone on 1v1. Got accused of hacking by a vlad because he couldn't kill me.

The chalice and q along with your movement speed let's you harass and farm like no other.

He is basically an anti carry with support mixed in. He can harass Luke karthus, Chase almost as well aswarwick, can farm like sivir and thanks to his shield and passive he can quasitank like morgana. I end up with most or 2nd most kills most game. Only problem is that he is useless if your team is bad.
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User Info: Vampire_Wreath

6 years ago#2
Uhm... no.

User Info: Aero_15

6 years ago#3
He is also useless if your team is good though.
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User Info: tombman27

6 years ago#4
Urgot isn't really a threat. He has pre fight harrasing, and an ult that is only semi-good for iniating and chasing. Urgot is generally crap unless you get fed A LOT during the laning phase.
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  3. think i finally got my urgot build down.

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