LoL Poll 2010 Day 16 : "March, march, march, march!"

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User Info: moon1244

6 years ago#1
Day 1: "You've got dangerous eyes, I like that."- Does the newest champion, Miss Fortune, lean on the strong side or the weak side?
Results: Strong - 4 || Balanced - 4 || Weak - 6

Day 2: "Yes, they make shurikens this small!"- Did you watch the World Cyber Games USA Finals Live?
Results: Yes - 6 || No - 9

Day 3: "You belong in a museum!"- Do you like the Manamune?
Results: Yes - 11 || No - 0

Day 4: "Time to feed."- Do you like being the middle lane solo?
Results: Yes - 13 || No - 8

Day 5: "Fear not, I'm coming!"- Do you think Garen is overpowered?
Results: Yes - 15 || No - 7

Day 6 : "Functional and stylish."- Have you bought any skins with RP?
Results: Yes - 20 || No - 8

Day 7 : "Do not fear the unknown."- Which would you rather have on your team, an AD Yi or AP Yi?
Results: AD Yi - 4 || AP Yi - 9

Day 8 : "To shake, or not to shake."- When climbing down the Utility tree, do you take Good Hands or Perseverence?
Results: Good Hands - 3 || Preseverence - 12 || Both - 1

Day 9 : "I thought you'd never pick me."- Do you prefer to play as tanks?
Results: Yes - 15 || No - 9

Day 10 : "For only $2.95 a minute, I'll leave you breathless!"- Which item do you buy more often, Wriggle's Lantern or Hextech Gunblade and its components?
Results: Wriggle's Lantern - 11 || Hextech Gunblade -9

Day 11 : "Jokes? I don't know any jokes."- Do you taunt, joke, and dance often?
Results : Yes - 21 || No - 3

Day 12 : "Accurate like a metronome."- Do you think Sona is balanced?
Results : Yes - 13 || No – 1

Day 13 : "I'm dead... and so are you."- If you can kill an enemy champion at the cost of your own life, do you go for it?
Results : Yes - 4 || No – 19

Day 14 : "I'll drink ya under the table, scrub!"- Which do you play more at the moment, normal games or ranked games?
Results : Normal - 23 || Ranked – 1

Day 15 : "If PETA asks, this fur is fake."- Do you have any custom skins installed?
(Tristianity2's Question)
Results : Yes - 15 || No – 9

Today's Question : Are Berserker's Greaves as bad as everyone says?

Eeeeh... probably. Didn't like them when I tried them out in normal games. Also Mercs are a must IMO, but I don't play many squishes who'd supposedly benefit from AS more.
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User Info: Xplition

6 years ago#2
I play awesome heroes all the time (like tryndamere and yi :D)

Sometimes you NEED movement and these boots are kinda cheap and give good AS, as trynda or yi with cleanse you can make do without merc depending on the enemy team and just kill them faster thus surviving yourself.

I mean what you need mr and cc reduction for if you have enough on one cleanse and you drain more life then they can damage.

User Info: mattislegion

6 years ago#3
Of all the well known "bad" items. They are probably the most useful. For certain champions they are viable.
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User Info: Froggie48

6 years ago#4
They aren't bad. They are the cheapest boots IIRC. The other boots are just better from my experience. Merc Treads increase survivability, Ninja Tabi works well with my Malphite, Swiftness and Mobility allow for quicker transitioning between lanes, and Sorc boots provide enough MP that if the enemy doesn't get any MR, you'll get very close to 0 resistance.
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User Info: Zerothma

6 years ago#5
They aren't bad. In fact, they're pretty good on Kayle. Since her move basically "Activates" every time she attacks, attacking faster is ideal. This is especially true since she's a hybrid, so unless your opponent is built to defend against AP and AD, you get a small advantage. Trynamere and Yi aren't bad with them either. Mostly you just need to see what your opponents are getting to make sure it's ok to buy the Berserker greaves.

tl;dr version: Some champs are good with Berserker greaves. Make sure they don't have tons of stuns and snares before you grab them.
4 8 15 16 23 42
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User Info: fEARtHEgOOCH

6 years ago#6
No, but I very rarely ever buy them (due to champ selection).
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User Info: random_noobie

6 years ago#7
no, they're not as bad as everyone says.

if the team has very little cc, you might as well get them. it's either those, swiftness or ninja tabi.
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User Info: Earthshaker

6 years ago#8
They're not BAD, it's just so many other boots scream "MEMEMEME!" for almost any situation.

Merc Treads for CC spam on anything that can survive three seconds of Focus Fire.

Sorc Shoes for nonstandard nukers like Kat, or for those that won't survive CC anyway, like Karthus.

Ninja Tabi (The actual cheapest boots) against teams with little CC.

Swiftness for squishy kiters and gankers.

Mobilities for superior lane controllers after push/gank phase begins, stealthers, or pure tanks to get into a situation and start soaking things up.

Greaves are bad because they eat your awesome "boot slot" and provide a partial Recurve Bow in return.

MAYBE if they get slight Armor Pen with the AS would I consider them, but as of right now they are terrible.
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User Info: alsowikk

6 years ago#9
No they are wrose since the buff is minor compared to the cost and the fact you miss out on the other boots that would be so much better(cc reduction, armor and dodge, or running really fast)
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User Info: ipope1189

6 years ago#10
i use them on most ranged Carries. Trist, Koggy, Etc.

On melee carries, however, i think i'd rather have Merc Treads to deal with having to be up close and personal to CC.

Wouldn't have them on anything other than carries, obviously.
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