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User Info: Eva_TenthChild

7 years ago#1
How the hell do you counter him? He is so freakin annoying. If you ignore him, he demolishes squishys. If you concentrate on him, his allies kill you. WTF are you supposed to do?

User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#2
Mexican gardeners remove all his powers

User Info: Valkskorn

7 years ago#3
Get a damn defensive item. Stop being a glass cannon, etc.
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User Info: askpeevies

7 years ago#4
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User Info: venomenom

7 years ago#5
Stop trying to kill him before 6 minutes, just dont even try at all, its a bad idea, in team fights walk in, wait for his judgement, thats the spin, run away, when spin stops you have 15 seconds where he cant hurt you. if his ult is up retreat at 30% health.

after 16 minutes, pretend ther isn't a garen.
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User Info: Petphot

7 years ago#6
-Madreds/LastWhisper/VoidStaff whichever seems most nessisary.
-Outrun him, avoid him, and if he is stacking non-DPS items, ignore him (assuming you have at least 1 defensive item).
-CC of any kind screw over garen hard, and he has no counters for such things. Ashe can kite Garen easily.

Garen is one of those "hey im all around good, but im not actually usefull" champions. He really doesn't bring much of anything to the team.
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User Info: Yojimbo1337SW

7 years ago#7
Yep his finisher, nice damage, a silence, and just bulkiness to the team makes him not actually useful, right?

User Info: Valkskorn

7 years ago#8
if he is stacking non-DPS items

You mean, "if he's building correctly", right?
Porn is the Madden of the internet. Sure, they come out all the time but they rarely change the features and the biggest difference is the roster. - who

User Info: EyEs fr0m Ab0vE

EyEs fr0m Ab0vE
7 years ago#9
I usually try to get him to waste his spin move in the laning phase. It's pretty predictable if his lane doesn't have a stun or slow. Run up to him, let him spin run away, then when he stops or changes direction get a few hits in. I try to keep him weak enough that he can't do much, but he is very hard to kill. If he gets fed in laning phase you just have to ignore him even though he isn't all that ignorable.
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User Info: SkaCore6786

7 years ago#10
A little MR makes his ult rather laughable, while 21 points in defense talents makes it unable to actually kill you. As has been said, just bait his spin, and then lol at him while he runs away as his spin is his only source of noticeable damage, and even then it's only an issue pre-level 13ish. After that it's laughable damage as well. Also normal Garen builds are armor heavy, so magic damage is pretty effective. A Veigar can tear him apart rather easily.

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