Does every master yi suck?

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User Info: count_hamstein

6 years ago#1
Every time I see Master Yi he does terrible, usually doesn't speak english and more than half the time rage quits early on.

User Info: moon1244

6 years ago#2
my master yis are best
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User Info: Trevorkkho

6 years ago#3
Master Yi is buff god and feeder.

Once buffed or fed it wipes out ur whole team.
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User Info: cjpv1

6 years ago#4
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User Info: infected1989

6 years ago#5
I don't get why people still insist on picking terrible champs like yi, gangplank, jax, etc. Yes they have uses but in 99/100 cases the players won't even do remotely well.

User Info: miraclematter

6 years ago#6
The only time Yi is a threat is when he takes Revive and Teleport and backdoors during every. Single. Teamfight.
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User Info: vamppwned

6 years ago#7
Yi players are also often unpleasant to be in a game with, too. Then there are Yis on the other team who get fed, wipe out your team and back door all your towers.

User Info: venomenom

6 years ago#8
The reason I hate yi and teemo, is not because they are bad champs (even though they are), its because people that play yi and teemo tend to be very selfish players, don't contribute to team fights, they just runn around doing whatever, then jump out of the bushes when its completely safe for them to come get credit for a kill or assist.
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User Info: SynVengeance7X

6 years ago#9
He's a good champ if you play him right. It's just that he's a one trick pony, but he does that trick pretty well. He gets shut down easily by CC though. However, I've seen some smart Yi's that're intelligent enough to overcome CC with stuff like Cleanse. But overall, most Yis I see are just death fodder.
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User Info: ZallKlos

6 years ago#10
Unless you have someone who can 1v1 him, you must have a strong pushing power because he'll backdoor your base in no time.
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