Whats the new server code??

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User Info: KingMega_

6 years ago#1
I know there's a new one that can be used (not the up up down down one) but I can't remember what it is. I know you can also edit the java file for the launcher but I'm not about to do that.
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User Info: WRRYYYYers

6 years ago#2
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User Info: SexualApple

6 years ago#3
Regarding the Java option, you're not editing anything but temporarily - and that's just to set the server status to something that allows you to get in. You're basically doing the same thing as the code. It's temporary - doesn't permanently change anything.

User Info: TheRevolution1

6 years ago#4


or the code
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  3. Whats the new server code??

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