Why playing as Janna support is no fun

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User Info: Froggie48

6 years ago#11
^Thats true. Any champ with an AoE that deals even a little bit of damage can rack up alot of assists.
If I had a dollar for every stupid person I've come across, I'd be able to buy China.
The official grue master of EP.

User Info: The9thSymphony

6 years ago#12
Weird, I've literally had people (even BR's) say "janna win game" and stuff in broken english after winning a ranked match. People USUALLY know that Janna is the winning force behind teamfights.
Watch me stutter and cuss to old-school video games.

User Info: One_WingedFreak

6 years ago#13
rules in league of legends in soloq:
1-if the team win its because of the carry
2-if the team lose its because of the tank/support

User Info: JustAPoorBoy

6 years ago#14
This is why I love my friends.
If we win it's usually because one of my friends is omniscient with Shen, and all of my friends know it.

User Info: MagickHUNTER

6 years ago#15
1. Ignore them.
2. Threat Riot for bombing their servers if they don't give IP addresses of those players.
3. Find their location by their IP.
4. Nuke the locations you have just got.
5. ???
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  3. Why playing as Janna support is no fun

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