Good Carry Build for Master Yi?

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User Info: lolaqa

6 years ago#1
Whats a good Carry build for Master Yi, Currently i go:

Boots of Swiftness
Trinity Force
Executioners Calling

the game is normall over by then, if its not i will get a Tiamat or Last Whisper and then last i will get a Infinity Edge

the the last game i played, i leaped in with alpha strike, hit them once with a normal hit and it did around 1100 dmg(Crit + Trinity Force) in that game i farmed alot and i had BoS, Trinity Force, Executioners Calling, Tiamat and IE

also is there an item better then Trinity Force for mid-game? i absolutely love the item, it helps him in every way but its so expensive

User Info: MegaSlime

6 years ago#2
I've been using the Pendragon/Lifesteal or Final Yi build from this guide and it has been working out pretty well.
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User Info: lolaqa

6 years ago#3
wow the guy who made that guide seems obsessed with ms, Youmuu's + Ghost + Highlander, thats alittle over the top

User Info: lolaqa

6 years ago#4
any other advice?

User Info: fi3rcedragon

6 years ago#5
Wriggle's Lantern (when I jungle, otherwise you can skip it)
Boots of choice (Berserker Greaves for higher damage output, Swiftness to make the most of your high base movement speed, Merc Treads for survival)
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Stark's Fervor
Banshee's Veil
Fill the rest of your item slots with Bloodthirsters

That's how I build Yi anyway. You may disagree, but I personally like it. You may opt for more critical chance over lifesteal, so you can pick up an IE or something instead of more Bloodthirsters.
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User Info: lolaqa

6 years ago#6
^ i like that build, why does everyone get Youmuu's tho?

also what would be some good runes/masteries for a jungling master yi? while ive tried Jungle Olaf and Warwick i have never tried it with this guy

User Info: fi3rcedragon

6 years ago#7
Because with Stark's Fervor, Highlander and the active for Youmuu, you can break 2 attack speed (I think).

Plus, Youmuu's Ghostblade provides excellent stats: attack damage, armor pen, cooldown reduction and critical chance, everything which Master Yi loves. It's an excellent item for almost every melee DPS.
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User Info: fi3rcedragon

6 years ago#8
and for jungling, just check out stonewall008's videos

theres jungle Yi
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User Info: CheeseItBaggins

6 years ago#9
Tagging this for future reference.
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User Info: lolaqa

6 years ago#10
i just did some item comparisons, this is what i found out:

Stat - Berserker Greeves + Trinity Force - Berserker Geeves + Youmuu's and Starks

HP 2242 - 1992
Physical Damage Health 4100 - 3643
Magical Damage Health 3419 - 3037
Effective Health 3759 - 3340
MP 1097 - 847

Attack Speed 1.59 - 1.658
Dmg 141 - 141
AP 30 - 0
Armour Pen 0 - 20
Crit Chance 15% - 15%

Lifesteal 0% - 20%
Cool-down reduction 0% - 15%

Movement Speed 441 - 400

Cost 4990 - 6157

Dps 257.686 - 267.678
Life Stolen/s 0 - 53

Build 1 gives some extra HP, MP, MS and Some AP
Build 2 gives some Lifesteal, Some Armour Pen, some Cd/r and alittle extra AS

in a 1v1 it would be a interesting fight, build 1 would win if it gets a crit on the Trinity Force hit(which would hit like a truck) if it didn't it would be a very close fight, it would probably come down to luck in the end

the dps difference wouldn't do much much seeing as how its minuscule, build 1s extra hp wont do much because of build 2s Armour Pen/Life Steal

Build 1 also cost's quite abit less(almost $1200 cheaper) which if spent on something good would easily make it stronger

This is at level 18 without and Runes/Masterys
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