Is Leblanc still viable?

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User Info: hukevi

6 years ago#1
There's only a couple of champions left that I want to buy who I haven't (I got the 2 bundles as well as bought plenty of other champions with RP + IP)

The ones I don't have who I still want (somewhat) are


I dont know if I really want to purchase a 6300 IP champ with IP (feels like a ripoff) and while Lux is good, I'm not the best with skill shots, and it seems like a Lux hitting all of her skillshots is a lot more important than Ezreal hitting his, so I might want to stay away from her for now. That leaves Leblanc

User Info: Eiladin

6 years ago#2
Lux is the strongest of the four by far. Probably the easiest to play too.

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

6 years ago#3
As the Ezreal and Warwick King, I have to sadly say since the Lizard Ranged Application nerf, Ezreal is no longer great.

If you're awesome, you can put in a lot of effort and attempt to have Lizard/Mallet most of the game and still get only decent results. You will be very fed some games but he's underwhelming in his current state. (and I played him before the LRA nerf)
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User Info: EnjoyMe

6 years ago#4
I'd say Leblanc is viable.

While other casters can do her job better, she's still a decent pick, imo.
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User Info: Voidgolem

6 years ago#5
burst has always been viable so long as you aren't aiming for a tank.
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User Info: CBrate

6 years ago#6
Even without the recent explosion of deathcaps her nukes have always been viable.
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User Info: Froggie48

6 years ago#7
Leblanc's damage isn't a problem. She can vaporize squishies while having awesome escape. Her biggest problem (imo) is her lack of CC. E is ok CC, but compared to the CC of practically every other mage, its crap.
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User Info: Paperblade

6 years ago#8
If you're seriously worried about the ease of use, Ezreal is the easiest of the four other than ult sniping.

and then it'd be like

LeBlanc >= Lux > Cass

in term of easy to hard (meaning Cass is the hardest).

Although I might be biased about Lebloobloo because I actually play her
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User Info: Maeiv

6 years ago#9
I been seeing a lot of LeBlancs lately

She can melt heroes in seconds if her combo is done right.
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User Info: doombringer91

6 years ago#10
I remember when people hated Lux and thought she was a crappier version of Morgana. Now er'body loves her.

On topic, LeBlanc still has some crazy burst if your fingers are fast enough. Not Annie levels, but still good.
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