AP yi build

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User Info: refmon

6 years ago#1
I start with ring then into sheen and its upgrade but what else?
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User Info: mattislegion

6 years ago#2
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User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

6 years ago#3
Deathcap and/or Zohnya, but finish Lich Bane before your second.

It's your choice.

The stasis is really important for Yi but so is the AP... I'd go for Zohnya first.

User Info: Blbmbr666

6 years ago#4
Umm I may sound ignorant about this, but...

Would AP on Yi help all that much? How exactly does it help? I guess I always assumed it wouldn't help much for some reason...
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User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

6 years ago#5
His Alpha Strike and MediTANK rock with it.
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User Info: The_Dude_Sam

6 years ago#6
Depends on the situation really but as AP yi i usually go.

Sheen(Start with Amplifying Tome)(to be made into lich bane later)>Cooldown boots>Archangels(In this order meki>TotG>BlastingWand)>Deathcap>Either void staff if they have alot of mres OR Rylais>Finish lich bane>Death fire grasp

So in short

Sheen>Ionian Boots of Lucidity>Archangels>Rabadon's Deathcap>Voidstaff OR rylais sceptre>Death fire grasp.

Depending on how the game is going, I may build deathcap last and DFG 3rd.

But yeah AP yi rocks, sheen first is a must an alpha strike + sheen attack is incredible early game. Mid game to late game using meditate makes you nigh on invincible.

Deathfire grasp also adds that extra punch if you need it to really surprise an enemy with decent HP as a downside to yi after you alpha strike and auto attack you pretty much have to weakly auto attack them until another alpha is up, also deathfires 15% combined with the boots 15% gives you a nice healthy 30% CDR to play with so you next alpha isn't that far away in a fight.

AP yi has great positives, such as an incredibly strong multi target attack (Alpha) and an amazingly good tanking W, which will always always heal you to full hp past around level 8. Also AP yi is definitely in the top 5 for farming gold from minions.

Downsides are, stuns, taunts and knockups because they can really screw up your day as they make your meditate somewhat useless in a big fight. Early game can be a bit difficult.

Not to mention he's extremely fun to play, nothing beats using an alpha strike on a minion only to hit a low HP tower hugging enemy who would otherwise be out of yours and most range characters reach.

Oh and be sure to get the blue golem buff early game the CDR and mana regen are so so helpful to AP yi.

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

6 years ago#7
AA Staff? Crap.

Honestly, Stasis is so important to Yi for pulling off that extra alpha strike or mediTANK I can't take a build without it seriously.

0/9/21 Strength of Spirit

(mana first) Sheen -> CDR Boots or Merc Treads (mostly these) ->

Optional Mejai's Soulstealer
Zohnya's OR Deathcap
Grab a Nega or the 700-armor thing if you need it (or Heart of Gold if you want to get Randuin's in addition to Hourglass)
Lich Bane from Sheen
The one you didn't grab at the "OR" section

Then there's a bunch of choices, but this will be late game and you really don't want to let that happen as AP Yi.

Randuin's Omen
Banshee's Veil
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Void Staff
Deathfire Grasp
Nashor's Tooth (Haven't tried it out but could be a nice situational pushing item)
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User Info: blackrider76

6 years ago#8
AP Yi, don'tcha mean, KILLSTEAL Yi? lolol.

Nah, @ the person who said AP doesn't help, AP Yi is... okay. Its halfway between a joke build and a real way to build him. The main idea of AP Yi is.

1. In teamfights, wait for someone to be at low health, turn on Highlander, Alphastrike them and kill them. Once that happens, all your CD's will be refreshed, and you can Alphastrike again. Two alphastrikes in a row probably killed someone else, so your CD's are refreshed AGAIN. etc etc.

2. If they focus you, turn on Meditate and laugh as your Armor/MR bonus and heal outheals any damage they could ever do to you.

Of course, there's two problems with this.

1. Your team actually has to be good for one, and second, picking someone who could kill the enemy team WITHOUT waiting until they're nearly dead would probably be a better choice.

2. They can CC you out of meditate, leaving you defenseless.

It's a fun build though.
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User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

6 years ago#9
AP Yi still pushes well, and most of the time you'll want to put an alpha in right away, at least when you get Lich Bane which you will quickly due to his great farming.

He will always be running Cleanse and I'd recommend Ghost as well, making him very hard to kill even if he is CC'd out of MediTANK. Stasis just makes him even more demonic.

It is true, when your team doesn't actually start fights AP Yi isn't too great. However, this goes for most characters.

He can 1v1 certain characters through skilled use of Alpha -> Lich -> Highlander, Wuju -> Lich -> Meditank -> Lich -> Alphas, and possibly throw stasis in there, etc., but for the most part...

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User Info: blackrider76

6 years ago#10
He can do things well, yes, but other champions do it better is the simple fact. He's fun to play and halfway viable nonetheless, though.
"Preparation is the last refuge of the weak" - Godot
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