best Quintessences to use for the value?

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User Info: esoterika

6 years ago#11
I am wondering if I should pick up 3 move speed runes instead of the HP runes. The move speed runes scale better and will work with my passive for even faster travel, but will the HP help out more? I don't really have that much trouble early game, but I plan to use this rune set with some of my other casterish/ranged champions.

(stats for runes at lvl 20, meaning 6 of each, but stats show 3 quints)
Marks: 5.7% Magic Pen vs 10.02 Armor pen
Seals: Mana per sec/lvl
Glyphs: 3.9% Flat CDR vs 5.4% CDR/lvl at 18
Quints: 78 Flat HP vs 4.5% Move speed?

Also, can someone tell me why some Janna guides recommend Armor Pen over Magic pen for the Mark runes? I understand Janna is not meant to be a nuker and spends most of her time auto attacking between spells, but is it really better than using all magic pen runes instead? And as for CDR, I understand the flat CDR can be more useful in early game, but normally during early game, I don't really have the mana pool to be spamming spells constantly anyways, so is the scaling CDR better? At what level does it break even (when the scaling is better or equal to the flat)?.
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User Info: SomeDude1205

6 years ago#12
I only use arpen and move speed.
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User Info: Trevorkkho

6 years ago#13
Arpen is now actually less useful now on new champ or reworked one has skill that scale to BONUS only.

ArPen mark and Quint could get most champ close to 0 Armor during laning, but as above, new/reworked skill has like 1.2-1.5 scale on BONUS dmg. It really depend on how you play the most.
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User Info: esoterika

6 years ago#14
Can you explain this armor reworking better? I am seriously stuck between deciding on Armor Pen or Magic Pen. Magic pen would prob be more useful in general with my other champs, but I'm waiting for someone to convince me why Armor pen is better, since I almost got that instead. Not at 20 yet, so I still have all my IP saved up. I do think runes help out early laning phase more, and that their stats aren't THAT much by end game, which is why I am considering Armor pen on Janna. I use my auto attack a lot between spells and can use it to harass the enemy better. Then again, I could always do more damage with my spells... even though my role is not for damage.

I am leaning towards movement speed instead of HP for the quintessences, still unsure about the flat CDR vs scaling CDR. Given, the difference between 3.9 and 5.4% isn't that much esp towards end game... the flat CDR ones are more expensive.
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User Info: professor x

professor x
6 years ago#15
Apen is better because it gives more damage than +AD after factoring your opponent's armor. Since your opponent will always have some armor, if only from leveling up, it is better than +AD in terms of amount of damage dealt. Only exception is from characters that need +AD early to meet some kind of benchmark, like Akali to trigger her spell vamp right away. As for bonus AD scaling, it is only on certain skills and on certain champion, you will be auto attacking a lot more than spamming skills, also, AD is very easy to get through items, whereas Arpen is rare and are on items that are not so great for certain champs.

As for Quintessences, I find that HP is a must after the nerf (ironically). Doran nerf pretty much means I won't be taking Doran item at start, the whole point of Doran was to give yourself an early advantage, but without heal pot, your opponent only need to harass you a little bit to keep you at constant 50-60% HP and be at risk of instant gank. If you choose to not take Doran at the start like me, you HAVE TO use HP Quintessences or lane with something like 400 hp.
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User Info: esoterika

6 years ago#16
If I did decide to get the Doran's Ring, wouldn't the movement speed runes be more useful? I can escape faster, reach allies in need faster, rejoin the battle faster, and catch up to enemies faster. I could avoid the few extra hits that the HP runes could have covered. Just sayin.
PSN ID: SakeBombshell , LoL: Sesami, SC2: Kyi

User Info: cuban69

6 years ago#17
You should really ignore price when buying t3 quints.

User Info: Brainhunter

6 years ago#18
For Nidalee, I usually run HP Quints.

Should I consider switching them over to Movespeed Quints? I hear 3 of them makes you faster with tier 2 boots than a tier 3 boots of swiftness user.

Not sure if the HP loss is worth it though.

User Info: Enct

6 years ago#19
janna: ap per level runes for every slot, or gold quintessences with ap per level runes for every slot

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User Info: PhoenixNine

6 years ago#20
Arpen, AP, Armor, MR, gp/5.

1 Mpen quint + full Mpen marks = 10 MPen btw (+Sorc shoes that's 30...most heroes have 30.)
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