Irelia runes, tips and tricks?

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User Info: Spinnah

6 years ago#1
HP Quints
Apen reds
Mp5/lvl yellows
MR/lvl blues

That's what I've found, is that the general consensus on what is good? I bought her on a whim today and she's without a doubt my favorite character, and the first character I'm going to dedicate a rune page to(being only level 22). Also, any other things I should know about her? I know her skill and item builds already, and I have a general idea how to play her, just wondering if there's anything I might not pick up on right away.
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User Info: Spinnah

6 years ago#3
Did so multiple times before making this topic. Next.

User Info: SorrySleeping

6 years ago#4
I would use let me google that for you, but it is moddable now. >__>

Full Attack Speed runes is the only acceptable answer.
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User Info: Spinnah

6 years ago#5
When you find 7 or 8 guides, all saying different things, it can be confusing to know if any are better than others, especially considering I only have a couple games with her so far. Hence why I make a topic like this asking if there is a general consensus.

User Info: Squirley709

6 years ago#6
Boots and triforce, then build according to the other isn't hard.

User Info: Spinnah

6 years ago#7
I'm not asking for items. I said I already knew items.

User Info: ColdFlamez

6 years ago#8
Umm. Stun the carry in a teamfight, always take a solo lane, don't forget your ult?
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User Info: MusashiExtra

6 years ago#9
Kill them. Irelia isn't that hard to use. If you're fighting someone 1vs1, don't E until you're losing. If you're ganking, use E as soon as possible. Try to not use Q when you don't have to. Use it to take kills only. 'Cause that's what Irelia does. All kills belong to Irelia. W before you fight anything. Don't Q to last hit minions unless you have to. W is great for last hitting but don't max it early. Stay in your solo lane. Don't die. When you get to 6, heal back all your health and press Shift+4. If someone is chasing you and they don't have a skill shot, lure them into a brush, stun them when they get close, R on a nearby minion wave, and destroy them, 'cause Irelia always leave fights with full health.

tl;dr: Q is always up and Irelia always leave fights with full health.
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User Info: xXxDarkSidexXx

6 years ago#10
Runes are fine. There really aren't any tips and tricks to her, really. She's basically as straight-forward as a champion can get. I don't think that most of the responses are trying to troll you or anything, it's just that there's nothing to her. Most likely the reason why she's banned in Ranked. You kind of have to try to screw up. >__>
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