Is it worth getting Spell Vamp on Malzahar?

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  3. Is it worth getting Spell Vamp on Malzahar?

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
6 years ago#1
Late game I can deal thousands of damage, but I have way to heal myself.. I usually carry 5 health pots for as long as I can until I need that last slot, but after mid game the health pots heal so little health they are worthless. Would something like a Gunblade be worth it for the spell vamp?
Laus Deo

User Info: BurnumMaster

6 years ago#2
god yes, lane forever with it, get the hextech thing and then upgrade to will of the ancients late game.

User Info: PhoenixNine

6 years ago#3
Basically as Malzahar you want to get Sorc Shoes, Deathcap and Banshee (Catalyst, Sorc, Deathcap, Banshee). After that you can get Rylai or spellvamp or voidstaff or whatever.

In short: Spellvamp is a good stat on Malzahar but it is not core.
~Victory needs no explanation; defeat allows none.~

User Info: ArmyOfWin

6 years ago#4
No. Spell vamp is very unlikely to help lategame where if you get caught you are generally dead.

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
6 years ago#5
My build usually goes

Meki - 2 Health pot
Boots of Swiftness
B Veil or Zhonyas
Death Cap

And then I trade Meki for something else like Void Staff, but the game doesn't usually last that long.
Laus Deo

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
6 years ago#6
I just got Spell vamp on him . . . why did I ever have doubts that this was an amazing investment? Just my visions alone heals for hundreds of health in a matter of seconds.
Laus Deo

User Info: OPTLawyer

6 years ago#7
I get WotA on Malz all the time. I get the Hextech Revolver first which helps me stay solo mid forever, upgrade to the WotA for the extra boost soon after getting boots. This basically allows me to stay in lane until the turret's down. After that, I build Malz up pretty much the same. Deathcap, BV, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Void Staff, etc. If the game goes long, I'll sell the WotA and grab whatever else I need (Archangel's, etc.).
-Dugan (XBL: TimADugan) (PSN: OPTLawyer)

User Info: DragoonKain33

6 years ago#8
Let's say you have 500 AP, lvl 18 and have will of the ancients (20% spellvamp), and have 100% spell penetration (ie. we're ignoring enemy MR)

1) Call of the void deals 700 damage total, meaning 350 per bolt. You then heal a third of 20% of 350 per bolt, which is only 23 health per target hit per bolt.

2) Null Zone deals 15% health damage per second. Assume a 3k hp target (high end btw, most people have less), so you deal 450 damage per second, or 2250 over 5 seconds if they're stupid enough to stand on it (hint: most people will leave after 2 seconds). Meaning you only heal (remember, a third of 20% because its AoE) 30 health per second, or 150 health over the entire duration.

3) Malefic Visions deals 720 damage total, meaning you heal only 144 health per cast over time.

4) Ultimate does 1300 damage total, or you heal 260 health.

So lets say you fully combo someone, and they are stupid enough to stand in zone for the entire duration. You heal a grand total of 600 health, plus whatever small amount you heal from splash damage of your AoEs.

Now lets be realistic here... anyone with half a brain against malzahar would build some sort of MR. Even a measly 50 MR remaining after all penetrations would cut your healing to 400 health, and you generally heal less than that because no one is gonna stand in nullzone for long, and your Q is unreliable at best. And that's not going to the fact that you will most probably combo someone at the beginning of a team fight in hopes of turning it to 5v4 quickly, where you would be near or at full health, meaning you're going to waste most of that healing.

Really, at that point, just get a giant's belt. The upfront health will save you more times than spellvamping, especially considered that most of Malz's damage are DoT (so spellvamp is Heal over Time, much less useful).

Take this from a long time Malzahar mainer... spell vamp sucks. Or at least, it's not as useful as a BV (protect you while u ult), Rylai (more utility plus upfront health to combat being bursted down), or my personal favourite, Zhonya's (active will save you many more times than Will of the ancients spell vamp will).
Turn 1: Enhance Spells
Turn 2: Overdrive, Water Blast X5

User Info: mightyfenix

6 years ago#9
Spell vamp is pretty underwhelming to be honest you would be better off getting a Banshee's or something.
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