Looking for rumble build

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User Info: Nicepantsbro

6 years ago#1
My build goes:
dorans shield
spell pen boots
then defense items depending on the situation.

From what I've tried I have had the best results with this. If I build too tanky I seem to do no damage and am ignorable. Some guy on one of my teams was saying deathcap is a waste of money and that AP does nothing for him and I am wasting rumbles amazingly overpowered potential with it. But I don't seem to do anything without it.

Instruct me.

User Info: KanzarisKelshen

6 years ago#2
Swap sorc boots for haunting guise and get mercs instead, then go for Abyssal and hourglass first and you should be golden.
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User Info: Tali_Zorah

6 years ago#3
My build is:

Doran's Shield
Hextek Revolver + shoes
Hextek Revolver
Mercury Treads
Either go situational tanky, or upgrade one Revolver to WotA
Situational tanky for the rest of the item slots
Upgrade last Revolver to Gunblade OR Sell second Revolver for a better item, usually a third situational tanky

But I adapt the build a lot. Sometimes I'll only get one Revolver before getting Rylai's, sometimes I'll never bother with the second revolver ever. Sometimes I'll rush Rylai's first thing then go tanky. It depends entirely on the lane you're in, how fed you're getting, and what the enemy team is. If you're in a solo lane and getting a reliable amount of minion kills and denying your opponent, maybe even killing him, then two early Revolvers is great for strengthening your position and ensuring a long time in the lane and easier denying of your enemy. But you definitely don't want to delay the Rylai's for too long, so if you aren't doing so hot in the cash department, drop a revolver or two and go for Rylai's. It's just that damned important.

EDIT: About 160 ap (from Rylai's and two Revolvers) is all the AP you need, really. More is a luxury, Rumble can do a high damage without it. Full AP build is bad, though, even with Abyssal/Hourglass. With how short ranged Rumble's main DPS abilities are, you want to be tankier.

User Info: CBrate

6 years ago#4
Not enough Maladies.
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User Info: KanzarisKelshen

6 years ago#5
...Wait. Hextech Revolvers actually WORK?

I always thought that was a troll build on Rumble for beating down bads. O_o
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User Info: CBrate

6 years ago#6
Yes they work. Pretty cheap for early game, the AP/Spell Vamp is always handy and they build on to bigger and better things.
Why would you pay for a video game guide to tell you how bad you are when I'm willing to do it for free?

User Info: bolandjf

6 years ago#7
Doran's shield
Merc Treads

I've never been in a game that lasted longer than Rylai's but I would go for a void staff and then abyssal or maybe zonya's hourglass. Rumble's damage doesn't scale that well, so most of the ap from the aforementioned builds is going to waste. To reach his full potential, rumble needs to get in range and stay there. You simply can't do that building mostly AP, unless you're facing bads.

User Info: Sssargon

6 years ago#8
I get rejuvenation pendant over dorans because you regen more in lane and if you build FoN later cheaper. Almost always get merc treads unless they have no CC since you need to get close. I also always rush Rylais first emphasizing giants belt unless forced to go back earlier, then a revolvwr, them another revolver or another belt ornegatron cloak.

The revolver is very good because your flamethrower will heal you a lot and you often can get low HP kills with shield and spell vamp combo.

I may have to try the revolver first but usually the pendant and giant belt give me bully status in the lane.
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User Info: KanzarisKelshen

6 years ago#9
Rumble's damage doesn't scale that well

Fail. Look at his ratios again.
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User Info: Xano1234

6 years ago#10
Here is my build. I seem to do pretty well with this build. It is getting me out of ELO Hell.


Red-Magic Pent
Blue-Magic Resist Per level
Quint-Magic pent



Ability Build:

1. Flamespitter
2. Harpoon
3. Shield
4. Ult


1. Regenerating Locket-> Force of Nature
2. Sorc boots

From here it depends on 1 thing. Does the enemy have more DPS or do they have more AP?

If AP:

3. Sunfire
4. Trinity Force
5. Book of the ancients? (the one that gives aura ability power and spell vamp)
6. Death Cap


3. Thornmail
4. Rylai's
5. Trinity Force
6. Book of ancients

What this allows?

Early game-You will be able to lane basically forever. By leveling up his flamespitter and getting health regen early, he can defend a tower indefinitely and do good damage to enemies.

-Early-Mid-Once you get your health item (Rylai's or Sunfire), you can really start to tank and do great damage while absorbing a lot. Sunfire allows for sustained damage while tanking, while Rylai's allows for better burst and a slow. I get thornmail when the enemy has 3/5 DPS enemies.

Mid-Late-The Trinity Force just gives an overall great boost of everything Rumble needs. It gives him a health boost and slow on melee attacks, a sheen that increases his burst, an added attack speed for when he overheats. Book of the ancients is awesome. I just learned this after experimenting. It gives him a good boost of damage, helps teammates, and gives him great spell vamp. You can stand in the middle of fights and heal yourself with your flamethrower spell vamp.

Late-Should the game actually still be going on, throw in a Deathcap. This should boost your AP to around 400-500. This turns your ult into a death trap, your melee flame thrower into a face melter, and your harpoon into a mini nuke. If you overheat, your enemy basically explodes from the magic damage.

Overall this build has worked wonders for me. I have never done bad in a game where the rest of my team didn't do bad as well. Many times I am carrying the team with this build. Anyway, I feel a lot of what Rumble is is skill. I can see someone that doesn't understand him doing bad, even with this build. He is not a full tank, nor is he entirely AP. He has a good balance, so he is like the AP version of Garen: Little CC, damaging moves, can absorb good damage.
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