How do your Wukong masteries look?

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User Info: Ace_Bernstein

6 years ago#1
I'm still in the process of crafting my ideal Wukong. So far I have been rushing Trinity then building Last Whisper + Tanky. My runes are fairly typical, Arpen, Armor, MR. The last thing I can't seem to finalize is masteries.

Right now I run 0/16/14, going down the defensive tree to get to the health boost. This helps laning quite a bit. I go down the utility tree for exp, mana regen and flash. I was thinking about the offensive tree at first but it seems that Wukong does a good amount of damage without it. Anyone else have experience in the offensive tree? Is it worth it? Also, is the mana regen needed? I haven't played a game without it yet.
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User Info: blakmog

6 years ago#2
since they dont give a **** about EU sadly i cant play him yet
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User Info: EdwardBlake

6 years ago#3
I go 0/21/9. This allows me to harass often without getting owned by the minions.
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  3. How do your Wukong masteries look?

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