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User Info: Teh_Murmur

6 years ago#1
Discuss. Phoenix is certainly viable now, but Tiger is still better in most ways.
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User Info: Earthshaker

6 years ago#2
Agreed. Being able to dish out that much DoT magical damage with a purely physical or tank build is beyond stupid.
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User Info: Reaper_Minion

6 years ago#3
I'd only ever use Phoenix for jungling and as a steroid. No way I'd actually build around it and ignore Tiger.
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User Info: arys75

6 years ago#4
I only go phoenixdyr for the early ganks. It's inferior to Tiger when it comes to ganking but faster clear times give you a bigger advantage.

User Info: dark_lord_havoc

6 years ago#5
Honestly, it really isn't. The difference is Tiger dishes damage out over a small DoT on first strike. Phoenix does its damage after the 3rd strike.

Both work well. Thus far, I prefer phoenix for the fast clear/farm.

User Info: arys75

6 years ago#6
The DoT isn't small at all...

User Info: NDN_Shadow

6 years ago#7
Phoenix is better for jungling. Tiger otherwise.

User Info: ZhouYeeizle

6 years ago#8
phoenix and tiger both provide it's uses.

Phoenix for early to first half of mid.

Tiger for latter half of mid and late game.
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User Info: satinangora

6 years ago#9
Phoenix jungle if you just want to farm, Tiger if you want to gank early and get kills. Never get more than 3 points in Phoenix.
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User Info: Hyooz

6 years ago#10
Jungling with Phoenix, I'm fully cleared and ready to gank just after the 4 min mark. I have no issues ganking at all, except against the occasional champ with tons of escapes.
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