I want to unlock Rumble. Give me some of his pros and cons.

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  3. I want to unlock Rumble. Give me some of his pros and cons.

User Info: Ulala Rules

Ulala Rules
5 years ago#1
Also, which skin is best to buy? Or should I just stick with default?
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User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#2
Stick with default. His skins are pretty meh.

Pros: Lots of damage, spell vamp means free sustain, not used often so people don't know how to counter him usually, 0 cost ultimate, amazing range on ultimate, good skillset, can still do damage even when building tanky, great solo top, best death animation in game, best taunt.

Cons: Melee, has to get in close to deal damage, Smartcasting ultimate is glitched and sometimes goes on a random spot on the map, decent learning curve.

That's all I got.
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User Info: YourJanissary

5 years ago#3
Pros: Q+W, crazy scaling

Cons: Melee, no true sustain
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User Info: Goonboo

5 years ago#4
Pro, pretty fun and cool to play.

Con, his ult doesnt work with smart casting... so if you have any other characters you will have to go into the menu and swap the keys out. Also his ult is pretty hard to get used to.

User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#5

From: YourJanissary | #003
Pros: Q+W, crazy scaling

Cons: Melee, no true sustain

spell vamp + non mana champ

early revolver is 1200 gold, stay in lane forever at that point.
Lavish Brutality

User Info: Mew_Mew197

5 years ago#6
Q clears waves monsterously
No cooldowns
Constant slow, especially with Rylais
Hard to gank
AP carry that can be afford to go tank
One of the best ultimates in the game

Take a while to get use to Heat, especially when he hits 100%
Ult takes practicing
Early game isn't so great compared to other top laners
No hard CC

I think that's it.
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User Info: darth254

5 years ago#7
basically he's OPed, but fortunately doesn't snowball ridiculously out of control like some of the other OPs champs were doing (like Akali).

User Info: IronHurricane

5 years ago#8
Rumble is my main.


No mana
Shield+speed boost+slow=very hard to kill
Isn't used often so most people don't know how to counter him and will run at the first sight of overheat
Awesome ulti
Rumble uses both AP and AD to damage so his damage will be less mitigated by an opponent who only takes 1 kind of defense


You will always be targeted first in team fights late game
Ulti takes a lot of getting used to
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User Info: notanoob74

5 years ago#9
Rumble is amazing

he counters most burst pretty hard, as while their cds are down he gets to do 3x their burst, but in sustained damage.
his ult is gamechanging, especially in the jungle. like, if you know how to make a line, do that in a narrow passage the enemy HAS to walk through, then spam all you can, since overheat+flamethrower is perfect when the enemy is jammed together.
his jungle skin is awesome
he is amazing as a bruiser because his abilities synchronize so well with staying in the fight, but if you in an arranged team, ap is amazing since arranged teams like to roam the jungle together. Like, try both of his builds:
revolver rylais sunfire abysal
revolver rylais void staff deathcap

he gets countered by even more sustain i.e. Jax w/ ult, olaf, most melee w/o burst.
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User Info: Dog_Reservoir

5 years ago#10
For the skin you have to go with Rumble in the Jungle, just for the Deadly pineapples in his ultimate, You will rain down fruity justice upon your foes. (although taric is also a good choice if you want fruity justice)
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  3. I want to unlock Rumble. Give me some of his pros and cons.

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