Ok I'm confused on how to best jungle with the new masteries.

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  3. Ok I'm confused on how to best jungle with the new masteries.

User Info: NormalCat

6 years ago#1
Defence tree is obvious - masters smite, makes your jungle safer AND quicker.

Offence tree makes your jungle even faster and makes your ganks better and your late game damage better.


What do?
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User Info: g-cube_masta

6 years ago#2
who cares about buff duration?

with offense you clear so fast you'll have double buff for 2+ ganks.

defense tree is really only for jarvan/amumu/rammus and a few others.

Lee Sin and Nocturne are amazing with 21 in offense.

Some like Trundle benefit from some 17/4/0 pages or other weird "points here and there" pages.

Buff duration is alright, but the defense tree outclasses it. Health/lvl and flat health > buff duration and some movespeed.
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User Info: angelwkw3

6 years ago#3
Most of the time you give your buffs away after the second time you've had them so they aren't as important. Certain junglers like Amumu, Rammus, Fiddle can go 9 in utility though.
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User Info: WebBowser

6 years ago#4
for Rammus / Malphite, I just go 0/30/0 just because defense is just that good, and as tanks, they don't need any kind of pen that putting 9 in offense gives. Sometimes I'll go 0/29/1 for utility masteries or 0/21/9 for speed buffs and buff duration. For Udyr, I go 21/9/0, dat hp is just too freaking good.
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User Info: popnkorn

6 years ago#5
26/4 lee sin op jungle use vamp scpetar get red t lvl two stay full hp for almost the entirety of the jungle and hit lvl 5 before mid
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User Info: FreshSushi

6 years ago#6

Randomly pick one, it's gonna work.
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User Info: HighUlitma

6 years ago#7
Choose what you will, but if you really need buff duration, you might not need to jungle. Fiddle can do without it in most cases. However, I've found going 30 defense gives me the safest jungle, depending on team comps. Tryn completes it well enough to gank at 4, as well as fiddle provided you start with buff golem. Fiddle can go 0/9/21 to get the increased spell vamp which adds to his drain for increased heal, but it's not nessecary to do so, nor to get improved smite in defense, bladed armor does better.
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User Info: UnderwaterAir

6 years ago#8
I'm still trying to figure it out for my junglers. @_@
I just want ONE runeset and masteries page that will work out well with Nocturne and Shaco. And another one that will work out with Amumu and Rammus. It's rather annoying so far. >_<
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  3. Ok I'm confused on how to best jungle with the new masteries.

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